08 January 2009

Books 2009

Most people probably think I read to much, but I don't care. Actually, that's not true - I'm learning not to care (and it's a slow but ongoing process). Reading keeps me centered because it's my form of escapism.

At the beginning of 2008 I decided to count how many books I read throughout the year. It wasn't a challenge; I didn't have to read a certain number of books per month or certain types of books. The total for 2008 was 95 (yes, 95) and a list of those books can be seen at Library Thing.
To be honest I am rather surprised at the total and so was my brother. He has challenged me to read 100 books in 2009. I'm not sure if it is feasible, especially at the moment when I'm finding it rather hard to concentrate, and I don't want to lose my enjoyment of reading in an effort to 'read more, read faster', so I'm just going to count the books I read this year (as per last year) and see what I end up with come 31 December 2009.

I didn't review any of the books I read last year. I've never been very good at telling people why I liked a book, just that I did. However, since I am meant to be attempting to express myself a little better, I am going to try to review the odd book throughout the year. Apologies in advance if the reviews make no sense whatsoever. Last year, Katiebabs challenged me to review Demon Angel by Meljean Brook (a new author for me), so *deep breath* I am going to accept the challenge and (attempt to) review it later this month. Please wish me luck.



  1. Heya kechara - a couple of thoughts:

    1/ The same people who think you read too much probably think I'm sacriligious for not liking rugby (or not wanting kids). Meh to them :-)

    2/ I'm proud of how far you've come so far in your journey to learn about and do what YOU want, instead of letting other people define it for you. I know it's a work in progress - but you've come a long way, and that's taken strength and courage. You might not be able to see it yet, but the people around you who matter do :-)

    3/ Welcome to the 100-book challenge! I think the way you're approaching it - not wanting to read fast just to get things read - is a good one. Life's too short to not enjoy the chances you get to enjoy things... I was kind of surprised when I went back over my total last year, and despite theoretically aiming for 100 books, I only got to 53... but hey, that's OK. 100's my number to aim for, but if I don't make it, it's still all good - I still read more books than I did the previous year, so I'm pretty much happy with it

    4/ I'll look forward to reading any reviews as and when you post them. I was aiming to review every book I read last year, but it just didn't end up happening. Again, I still reviewed more, overall, than I did in 2007, so I guess that's a kind of victory ;-). Just remember, this is your journal, and YOU (no-one else) gets to say what should and shouldn't go in here. If you feel like reviewing a book, that's awesome. If not? Not a problem - this is your space, and you're in *complete* control of it :-)

    Wow... I think I've done one of those 'comments longer than the original entry' things. Ooops!



  2. Be proud that you read too much! I read too much and I don't mind saying so :D

  3. Oh my! Your first review and you're going to do it on Demon Angel? You go, girl! After that... anything else should be a breeze! :)

    Reading 95 books in one year is amazing! I read 61 books in 2008 and only reviewed 24 of them. Like starfirenz, I intended to write reviews for all of them, but sometimes found myself agonizing over them, and then my passion for writing the review sort of died out anyway. I should just learn to let it go and simply write shorter, more basic reviews.

    Best of luck on your 100 Book Challenge! Most of all, have fun! :)

  4. *sending positive thoughts orannia's way*

    Go for it, woman--do it your way, do it for you!

  5. I read a book several years ago about a woman in Australia that was "kidnapped" by some Aborigines and forced to walk cross country with them for a long distance without food, clothes, shoes. She finally went over to their side and was rewarded. She had to eat the same things that they ate. I can't remember the name of the book. Can you help?