28 February 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

I am in something of a dilemma. I finished reading Touch the Dark (Karen Chance) last night and went to pick up the next library book by my bed, which is Melusine (Sarah Monette) [YEAH!]. And then I hesitated. My 'reading order' rule is to read the next book due back at the library (I borrow the majority of my books from the library and I borrow them in the order I placed the hold). The first exception to this rule is when I have borrowed a library book that has holds placed on it (i.e. other people want to borrow it). So, if possible (due dates permitting), I usually read the book with the holds first, so I can return for the next person to read. The second exception is when I end up reading one book after another in the same sub-genre. I've learnt that is a recipe for disaster, so I occasionally bump books down or up the list (or borrow another book entirely) to keep some variety. Oh, and when I buy a 'keeper' book (e.g. Nalini Singh), it invariably goes straight to the top of the queue no questions asked *grin* I have rather a lot of exceptions, don't I?

The next book due back to the library is Melusine. But...it's 477 pages long (small print). The book after Melusine is Into the Shadow (Christina Dodd), which is only 365 pages (larger print). So I'm dithering over whether to pick up Melusine, which I've been looking forward to reading ever since I heard about it but which I know won't be an easy or fast read, or Into the Shadow, which I'm anticipating will be relatively light. Then we have to throw into the mix the second Cassandra Palmer book Claimed by Shadow (Karen Chance) as Touch the Dark finished on something of a cliff-hanger so I requested the second from the library yesterday...and since it was listed as 'Available' I couldn't freeze the hold *excuses excuses*... So it is now winging its way to me...

So what do I read? Melusine or Into the Shadow or Claimed by Shadow? How do you decide what book to read next? Do you have rules or do you just wing it?

Updated to add: With the nightmare that is dial-up I got bored waiting for pages to load and started reading the first few pages of Melusine. I love the following:

I met Ginevra Thompson in the ordinary way of doing business. She was looking for a cat burglar. I was looking for a client.

I have to take my aunt to visit my father now so there will be no deciding on which book to read (or any reading for that matter) until I get back...

Updated (again) to add: I think (after a very long morning) that I will go with Melusine. I feel like something....dark ;)


  1. That's a dilemma. It's why I hardly every borrow from the library anymore. The late fees where killing me! And I would forget I had them... etc. Thank goodness for used bookstores and Amazon bargains otherwise I would be eating lots of cereal and pasta because they are cheap.

    And as I haven't read either I can't tell you which I liked better... But you do need to finish it before Angels' Blood because as soon as you get that you NEED to read it.

  2. Thanks Aymless ;) The great thing about my library is that the catalogue is available online, which means I can check when my books are due back from pretty much anywhere :) I *heart* my library!

    I think (after a very long morning) that I will stick with Melusine. I feel like something....dark ;) And I will definitely make sure I am ready and waiting for Angel's Blood. The great thing is I suggested it to my library so am first on the hold list...*smug grin*

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you're enjoying Melusine so far! It is very dark, and I find Mildmay's narrative voice so amazing. I always imagine him speaking with a Cockney-type accent, all that amazing slang, and such a rhythm to the way he speaks.

    I love Karen Chance's books, but they are quite a different experience from Melusine!

  4. P.S. When all else fails, I head for my trusty random number generator.

  5. Thank you! Melusine it is - I just feet like reading something dark and gritty...I'm only on Page 20 and I've already got that in spades! *shiver*