15 February 2009

Mélusine (Sarah Monette)

The lovely The Book Smugglers will shortly be reviewing a book called Mélusine by Sarah Monette:
Mélusine - a city of secrets and lies, pleasure and pain, magic and corruption - and destinies lost and found. Felix Harrowgate is a dashing, highly respected wizard. But his aristocratic peers don't know his dark past - how his abusive former master enslaved him, body and soul, and trained him to pass as a nobleman. Within the walls of the Mirador - Mélusine's citadel of power and wizardry - Felix believed he was safe. He was wrong. Now, the horrors of his previous life have found him and threaten to destroy all he has since become. Mildmay the Fox is used to being hunted. Raised as a kept-thief and trained as an assassin, he escaped his Keeper long ago and lives on his own as a cat burglar. But now he has been caught by a mysterious foreign wizard using a powerful calling charm. And yet the wizard was looking not for Mildmay - but for Felix Harrowgate. Thrown together by fate, the broken wizard Felix and the wanted killer Mildmay journey far from Mélusine through lands thick with strange magics and terrible demons of darkness. But it is the shocking secret from their pasts, linking them inexorably together, that will either save them, or destroy them.'
I had not heard heard anything about this book until last week and I'm completely flummoxed as to why not...it sounds...fascinating! I haven't felt so excited about a book that I knew next to nothing about in....ages. My library has an available copy (I *heart* my library) but I am (im)patiently going to wait to read The Book Smugglers review first...

What book lately has grabbed your attention before you've even picked it up?


  1. Ooh! This is such a great series! Every absorbing and a little overwhelming with the world building (a la Black Jewels trilogy) but well worth the investment of energy.
    Happy reading! :-)

  2. Thank you Renee! I LOVE the Black Jewels Trilogy so Melusine sounds even better :)

  3. Sounds fascinating. I know I can credit a lot of books added to my TBR to the Smugglers. One being Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr... still haven't read it so can't tell you how I liked it. ^_^

  4. HI Aymless *waves*

    I just loved Wicked Lovely! And yes, I can credit the Book Smugglers with exponentially increasing my TBR list...which can be scary, but in a good way :)

    I read their review of Melusine and have ordered it from my library! I can't wait to read it!

  5. I will stayed tuned for your review then!

  6. GULP! Review? I've only ever reviewed one book in my life and that was Demon Angel last month.... *panic*

    Oh well...I guess I can give it a go... :)

  7. Hi Orianna :)

    This is my first time visiting your bog. Renee has recommended this book to me. I think I'm gonna have to get it soon :). I just read A Companion to Wolves and thought it was great. Melusine sounds even more like my kind of fantasy.

  8. HI Amy - welcome :) I've just started reading this book - I've heard so many things about it. The Book Smugglers reviewed it recently at Fantasy Cafe if you're interested :)