11 February 2009

What Did I Buy?

After dithering most of the month of January over what to spend my Amazon giftcards on, I finally placed on order last Sunday. I actually ended up with three giftcards to spend as some very lovely friends of mine gave me one for my birthday). So, what did I buy?

- Male of the Species (Kate Steele) [A new author but the premise sounded...interesting]

- The Assignment (Evangeline Anderson) [I read a review on this and have had it on my TBR list ever since]

- Wicked Gentlemen (Ginn Hale) [After enjoying it so much I felt it was a 'keeper'. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel!]

- With Caution (Josh Lanyon) [Yes, proof that I do read (and act on) the comments you make]

- Without Reservations (Josh Lanyon)

Two other books were also ordered on the same day, although from different sites:
- Rough Canvas (Joey W Hill) [This arrived yesterday but I am going to (im)patiently wait until the weekend to read it]

- To Comfort and to Joy (Jessica Bird)

Hmmmm. One of these books is not like the others. Any guesses? *grin*


  1. Ooh. You've made some great purchases! I loved Wicked Gentlemen! I read on Ginn Hale’s site that she is currently working on a sequel to Wicked Gentlemen, Lord Foster’s Devils.

    JL Langley's With and Without series is another good one!

    I'm going to have to check out the other's you mentioned.

  2. I am going to guess that the Jessica Bird is a category.

    And please excuse me while I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee --you are reading Suzanne Brockmann! :huge grin: yay!


    Done with the fangrrrrrl stuff.


  3. HI Renee *waves* - I haven't read any of JL Langley's books yet, but I've heard some good things about them.

    Azteclady - I'm LOVING The Defiant Hero. I know I'm very slow on picking this series up (hasn't the 14th book just been released?), but I'm glad I did (thank you ShellBell for recommending them :) And can I just say I really like Jules :)

  4. Jules is the best character ever.

    Well, okay, perhaps Bunter from the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries would give him a run for his money... *pondering*


  5. I've read a couple of Kate Steele's eBooks - To Trust a Wolf and To Tempt a Wolf - which I really enjoyed but haven't read anything else of hers.