09 March 2009

09 March

Today would have been my mother's 64th birthday. She passed away on 26 June 2007 from pneumonia secondary to metastatic breast cancer. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever known....and I still miss her.

I was hoping to post a picture of my mother (on her 21st birthday) but in my haste to leave for work this morning (and drain my tomato relish concoction - more on that later) I forgot the photo. I have, however, written myself a note and I will update this post when I have the photo.


  1. Thank you Katiebabs! Am going to buy some flowers on the way home...just because :)

  2. Happy birthday to your mum. May you remember the good things today rather than the painful ones.

  3. Thank you Kerry and Aymless! And I am thinking of the good things...but it is scary how time can strip away at memories.

  4. ((((Hugs)))))
    I lost my mother at a young age - both her and me and while I still miss her all the time, I do have her in my heart always - just as you have your mother too.

  5. Oh, sweetie! Happy birthday to your mom. ((orannia))

  6. {{kechara}}

    I didn't realised your Mum's birthday was so close to mine (Mum was March 20th)

    There's a kind of symmetry in that, you know. You and I just two days apart, and our mothers just 11 days.

    Regardless, I'm thinking hugs your way kechara. And I can promise you 100% that she'd be proud of all the work you're doing right now to discover who you are and what you want :-)



  7. ((((orannia))))

    I'm lighting a candle for your mom today.

  8. ((( Kristie (J) )))




    Thank you all! BTW, I have the photo...now I just have to work out how to get it scanned it :)