19 March 2009


I am very honoured to have been awarded an Excellence Blog Award and a Premio Dardos award from the lovely Renee of Renee's Book Addiction. Renee directed me to The Thrillionth Page where Carolyn Jean (CJ) has been investigating the origins of the Premio Dardos award: Growing Suspicions About The Premio and Premio Dardos Award Mystery Deepens. Regardless of the origins: thank you Renee! (((Renee)))

Also, I am very honoured to have received a 'Your Blog is Fabulous' award from The Books Smugglers!

Thank you Ana & Thea! (((Ana + Thea))) Since you specifically mentioned my Melusine review, I suppose I might consider inflicting writing another review at some point...hmmmm...decisions, decisions *grin*

Updated to add: Kristen from Fantasy Cafe has suggested my next review book - The Virtu by Sarah Monette. To be honest, I was kind of hoping for something a little easier....say a picture book *grin*

I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who read and/or comment here - I so appreciate it! I know blog wouldn't be what it is without your input!


  1. That's awesome, kechara - congratulations on the awards!

  2. Beware the Dardos! But anyway, congrats on both!

  3. Your blog is fabulous, woman :grin:

  4. Thank you! As I said, it wouldn't be the blog it is without all the input :)

  5. Yay, orannia! Enjoy! ((orannia))

  6. You rightfully deserve this award. Your blog is awesome and so are you. :)