17 March 2009


I woke this morning to find that my watch had stopped...at 1.28 AM. (Out of interest, is it just me or do all watches stop during the middle of the night rather than during the day?) Being the sort of person that I am, I went looking for my other watch (because it always pays to have a spare). It too had stopped. So now both watches are in my bag preparing themselves for a afternoon visit to the watch doctor (jeweller). My wrist, on the other hand, feels naked without a watch. I feel naked without a watch. I never leave home without a watch...or a book.

What do you feel naked without? (And no, I'm not referring to clothes *grin*). What is the thing that you can't do without in your day? The item that has to 'travel' with you?

Today (17 March) is St Patrick's Day. It also would have been my grandmother's 88th birthday. She passed away on 23 July 2008.


  1. Hmmmm... like you, I hate going out anywhere without a watch on.

    The other thing I really, really hate is being anywhere without my glasses or contacts - to the point where, whenever I've gone into hospital or day surgery, I've asked that they put my glasses right next to my pillow for when I wake up in the recovery room, just because it's so damned disorienting not to have them there!

  2. Cell phone for me. It's an address book, a phone book, a calendar, a watch, and a lifeline all in one :grin:

    Yeah, for a Luddite like me, it's amazing how attached I am to the beeping thing, huh?

    Happy St Paddy's Day, orannia and *hugs*

  3. Starfire - yes, not being able to see is incredibly frustrating.

    azteclady - I had forgotten about a cell phone. Mine definitely doesn't have that many bells and whistles. I do need to replace it so I will obviously have to thoroughly investigate :)

  4. It's a watch for me too. I was almost at work the other day (half hour drive) when I realized I'd forgot to put one on. I talked myself out of turning around and going home to get one - but didn't feel 'complete' the rest of the day *g*
    OH And a book!! I HAVE to have at least one book in my purse - preferably 3 - 'cause I don't know in advance what I'll be in the mood for should I get trapped in an elevator.

  5. LOL Kristie (J)!

    I'm not speaking from experience, but I guess being stuck in an elevator might lead you to change what you're reading :) I always have at least one book with me...two if I'm near the end of the first one :)

  6. That is really weird they both stopped at the same time! I don't really have an object I feel naked without, except in bed, I really have to wear socks or I feel I'm missing something. (Unless it's beastly hot out).