12 March 2009

The Power Is In Your Hands

A copy of Bone Crossed (Patricia Briggs) is currently waiting for me at the library. I was going to pick it up tomorrow, once I had read Into the Shadow (Christina Dodd). However, I noticed this morning that a copy of Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood is currently 'In Transit'. So by tomorrow afternoon there will be two (very eagerly anticipated) books waiting for me to collect. (Thank goodness I have [just] read The Shadow Queen or I would an indecisive blob on the floor!) So, which book do I read first? A poll.....I should have a poll *grin*

Oh, and the review of Mélusine is coming. I'm...fussing with it!


  1. One vote for Nalini then I've added your vote to the poll on the RHS Aymless :)

    I have to admit to leaning towards Angels' Blood..

  2. *whisper* you want to read Angel's Blood, you know you do...



  3. Definitely Angels' Blood

    and I REALLY want to know about Melusine! : D

  4. Hm. I've read both, and I loved both. I'm a HUGE fan of Adam though, so I'd probably read Bone Crossed first. But I really, really loved Angel's Blood (as you know)...

  5. *whisper* you want to read Angel's Blood, you know you do...

    Yes... *whimpers*

    Thank you azteclady, Ana & Kati! So far that's four votes for Angels' Blood and one for Bone Crossed. The great thing is, whatever I don't read first I read second :)

    Ana - I hope to have the review for Melusine up today *fingers crossed*