18 March 2009

What the Frak? (Part II)

I watched Episode 421 (Daybreak Part I) of Battlestar Galactica yesterday and I am now convinced that the writers are stark raving mad! Approximately 99% of the episode was filler (IMO), which I find strange considering that there is only 3 hours left to wrap up the whole series! And I have to be honest, for the first time ever I wanted to fast forward *hangs head*

I'm also finding rather fascinating the number of different ways various characters are being....disposed off, although I think this was the first episode in which no one died.... For those of you watching the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica, what do you think the likelihood is of anyone surviving? I'm thinking pretty close to zero...

And yes, I'm planning on watching Daybreak Part II...just so I have something to rant about next week *grin*


  1. Hope you don't mind me dropping in, Orannia, but couldn't resist... 'what the frack' indeed.

    I just got Foxtel and spent most of my Saturday arvo and evening watching the second half of Season 4 of BG. Do you think the writers forgot where they were going with the storyline while they were out on strike?? Holy heck; I've not seen so much backstory/flashback filler in my life!

  2. Welcome Kris...and feel free to drop in any time ;)

    Yeah, the flashback filler for absolutely no reason drove me batty! I'm going to try and post something on the final episode this weekend...not quite sure what I can say though...it's such a shame as the it has been an amazing series up until this point :(