28 March 2009

What the Frak? (Part III)

So I watched the final episode (well, the final episode if you don't count the made-for-TV movie The Plan, which is scheduled to air in the US in late 2009) of Battlestar Galactica (Episode 422: Daybreak Part II) on Wednesday.

I think the writers attempted to round up some of the loose ends but I still feel that, in this season anyway, they dropped the ball. Why we needed large amounts of non-relevant back story in the final two episodes I will never know. And as for Kara Thrace (AKA Starbuck)...what the frak?

And yes, the myriad ways in which various characters met their end continued... I personally don't think that the decisions made at the end of the episode by certain characters were realistic, but *shrug* I didn't write it.

For those of you who watched the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, what did you think? A fitting end....or not?

Updated to add: So I watched the pilot episode of Battlestar Galactica last night and I realised (again) what an amazing pilot it was. (And yes, now I want to watch the series all over again...well, maybe not Season 4 *grin*) It contains some incredible acting (I just love that scene between Lee and his father near the end), one of my favourite quotes:

It's not enough to just live, you have to have something to live for.
And a mystery: who sent Commander Adama the note stating that there were only 12 Cylon models? It wasn't answered anywhere during the four seasons as far as I know...perhaps in The Plan?


  1. Absolutely nothing to say about BSG but... how are you liking Promise in Death? :grin:

  2. My question was if they got rid of the space ships and most of their things to 'go native' on New Earth what about the pesky little things like buttons, zippers, their tents and, I don't know, the frackin Raptor?? Wouldn't these have also been discovered via archaeology??

  3. Definitely Kris! Because something like a raptor would be pretty hardy...so you'd think it would have been discovered at some point by someone... And I still don't think all of the fleet would have given EVERYTHING up... All their medical advances? *shakes head*

    azteclady - I'm currently reading Salvation In Death, but so far so good *grin*

  4. *checks cover*

    *checks comment*

    *hits desk with head*

    That's what I meant... :sigh:

  5. Yep. NOT a very convincing ending at all.

  6. *races to put pillow on desk before azteclady hurts her head*

    I thought that was what you meant :) And it doesn't help that I'm WAY behind on reading new releases...I just can't seem to catch up...which makes the transposing of words easier