23 April 2009


As in that which runs through our arteries and veins not 'The Blood' from Anne Bishop's Black Jewel series of books, although mentioning the latter provides me with a great excuse to mention my favourite cover from the Black Jewel series - Tangled Webs!

Late last year I donated blood for the first time. Needles and I have a history that goes...way back...and that, along with certain medications had prevented me from donating. However, I decided to...face my fear... The donation itself was an unmitigated disaster. I blacked out not even halfway through the donation and they had to stop collecting. Earlier this year (on my birthday to be precise, because who doesn't want to spend their birthday visiting the 'blood suckers'...although I'm sure if the 'blood suckers' in question were the BDB there would be a stampede!) I decided to try again, although I asked them to lay me as flat as possible (if I lie down while having a blood test I am usually fine). I should point out (how defensive am I?) that it isn't the site of blood that upsets me. I'm fine with blood. It's the needle (or a subconscious reaction to it). Who knows? *shrug* And that collection went well.

So, Tuesday was my third attempt...mainly to work out which of the last two visits were flukes. And the result? I PASSED! Ahhhh, it's not a test orannia! The New Zealand Blood Service now has 470 mL of my very boring O+ blood..I was hoping for an unusual blood type like my mother...but even my blood is boring *grin*

So, have you ever donated blood and, if so, how did you find it? And did you get chocolate biscuits afterwards?


  1. Good for you! I've never been very successfully with the giving of blood. First I didn't weigh enough (that was years and years ago) and now I'm a druggie (the doc made me do it) and they don't want it.

    Oh well... It's probably good since I'm scared of needles anyway.

  2. I was in a similar boat Aymless. Until I was ~22 years old I was too thin (ahhh, those were the days :), then I went on a particular dermatological medication that precluded me from donating, and I was on and off that for years...only coming off it ~18 months ago. IMO, there is a definite difference between can't and won't...and you can't! You can only do what you can do... (((Aymless)))

  3. O+ may be the most common blood type, but that just means it is more frequently needed in the hospitals and blood banks. So you're simply the more desirable type, girlfriend!!! Go with it!!! :D

    p.s. Biscuits are nice after donating, but donuts are even better! ;)

  4. Since I'm on a huge variety of medications and have an illness where the cause isn't known, I figure my blood probably isn't all that great and haven't offered to donate it. It would probably be okay, but the last thing I would want to do is give someone CFS.

    But I really appreciate people who do donate. Marcus needed two transfusions while he was in the NICU, and while I realise that wasn't a whole lot of blood for such a tiny baby, someone still needed to have donated it.

  5. Did it regularly for years--I'm the one of five siblings who still can donate, plus I have the rarest of blood types (AB-, which only one in 167 people have).

    I haven't done it for a while (long, complicated and mostly irrelevant story) but I'm hoping to get back to it next year.

    My reasons for doing it then, and wanting to do it again, are quite Pollyanna-ish: if anyone in my family ever needs blood, I hope someone has donated what they might need so it's available. So I'll do the same, in advance, for some other person.

    [And I've been lucky if I get orange juice after donating, rats--some one owes me a couple of pounds of chocolate!]

    (though it's better I never get that--battling the weight as it is, no need to add to it)

  6. azteclady - I kind of work on that system too. I'll do what I can for others in the hope that if I, or the people I love, need help one day someone else will have done the same thing.

  7. Thank you Christine :) And you get donuts.... *drools* Although like azteclady said, probably better for my waistline if I don't get them :)

    Special blood azteclady :) And I like your idea - passing it forward kind of?

    Kerry - it's like I said to Aymless, 'can't' is different from 'won't' :) And if it helps someone, them I'm happy to sit for 30 minutes every 3 months and let the blood suckers go forth....although I do wish one of them looked like Rhevenge :)

  8. I know. I'd be better off without the donuts, too.

    But they're so hard to resist!!!!!!!!!