27 April 2009

The Definition of Sacrifice

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

Sacrifice • noun 1 the practice or an act of killing an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a deity. 2 an animal, person, or object offered in this way. 3 an act of giving up something one values for the sake of something that is of greater importance.

Or....being 95% of the way through a JD Robb book and lending said book to your daughter when she asks if you have anything interesting to read that she could borrow. (No, not me, but a colleague. She had one chapter, yes, one chapter to go....)

Personally, I think I would calmly explain that I had almost finished a fantastic book and that they could borrow it as soon as I was finished (and that I would try to finish it quickly for them). So, would you lend a book to a loved one even if you hadn't quite finished it?


  1. Well...

    If I lent a book to someone with a chapter or so to go, I would stay cranky and angsty until I could finish it... so it would probably be better for all involved if I finished it first, then lent it.

  2. My quick and immediate reaction is a forceful "NO". Then I realised that if it was Marcus I probably would give it to him. Isn't it a good thing he's five and isn't up to reading what I read. Hopefully by the time he's old enough to want my books I'll have more backbone.

  3. If I lent a book to someone with a chapter or so to go, I would stay cranky and angsty until I could finish it...You and me both azteclady :)

    Kerry - I think that's a very cunning strategy :)

  4. I think it'd depend entirely on how I felt about the book, who the loved one was and how soon I'd be likely to get it back. For example, I'd have happily lent some of my friends my copy Cygnet before finishing (with the provision that if they move the bookmark to a different page I would never, ever lend them anything else).

    However. something like The Vintner's Luck, which I adored, or Threshold, which I needed to read in one piece or risk never finishing it, wouldn't be lent out to anyone, not even people living in the same house and I could, theoretically, read on when the other wasn't reading it.

    (I promise I'm not trying to hedge.)

  5. With one chapter left? I think that would only happen if I had to put it down till later anyway to go make dinner or something. Then loved one could at least start it... but I'd take it back and finish the book before they took it away for good. How's that for a non-answer?

    Sometimes my teen and I read the same book and share it. It just has two bookmarks in it, that's all. :)

  6. I think I would use my patented 'why-do-you-even-bother-asking-me-such-stupid-questions' followed promptly by a "Hell NO".

    I am mean.

  7. Libritouches - I don't think you're hedging at all. And welcome :)

    Christine - I love the fact that you 'share' a book. I've never had to do that - no one I've lived with has ever read the same thing I have...and if they have, not at the same time :) Usually they just tell me they'll borrow it when I'm finished.

    Kris - LOL! And you're not mean. Just....defending your territory perhaps? All is fair in love and war over books :)

  8. NO! NO! NO! MINE!!!

    As you see I'm so "generous"... *g* I have a hard time lending anything I haven't yet read much less part way through. And for my favorites, I have multiple copies so that I can still re-read whenever I want and lend one out too. It could be that I've had really bad luck with the lending part, they never seem to come back!