18 April 2009


There are moments in life that we want to forget...moments we would like to erase and re-live. There are the moments that we treasure...that we want to hold on too with every breath in our body even as they slip away. And there are the moments when we realise that while humanity has the capacity to maim and destroy, it also has the capacity to create...and to reach out and touch the life of another...

I checked my post box this morning, and what did I find but Larissa Ione's three Demonica novels! *happy dance*

To the wonderful person who sent them to me - THANK YOU! Your generous gesture has touched my heart.

So, has anyone crossed your path this week and brought you joy?
Updated to add: Please don't forget my Mélusine/To Ride Hell's Chasm Giveaway! To enter, please leave a comment by Saturday 18 April 2009 11.59 PM NZ Time (7.55 AM EST; 11.55 PM GMT). Also, the lovely Aymless is giving away a copy of Magic Bites (Ilona Andrews).


  1. Oooh - these look interesting! Might I perhaps borrow the first one from you at some point down the track?

  2. Ooh, I have the first of this. Aren't these covers fab? I need to be a faster reader! And it's so sweet you're having your own contest. I'm not entering, though, since I'm way more contest lucky than you.

  3. Oh, PS from your question on my blog: my book comes out next year, and yes, it is my first! Exciting!!

  4. ooohhh.... Pretty! I have book1 but haven't gotten around to reading it yet!

    btw: Orannia: my giveaway is book 1 of the Kate Daniel's series. And since you haven't read it yet, I'm adding you the "yes, want it" group?

  5. Oooo la la! What a fine post day, indeed! And what a wonderful friend you have to think of you and send you these books.

    I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do! :)

  6. Aymless - OK...thank you!

    CJ - very exciting about the book! I look forward to hearing more about it :)


    Christine - *nods* Definitely. I'm very fortunate! Am looking forward to reading them as between your & Kati's reviews I'm very excited :)

  7. I love these covers. I have book #2 but haven't read it yet. Must get crackin'....