05 April 2009


I was contemplating doing a very bad thing today... Yesterday, a friend and I were discussing our TBR lists/piles and she admitted to doing a bit of judicious trimming. My list is now well over 60 (which may be nothing in the grand scheme of things) and at times just the thought of all the books I have yet to read is rather...well... overwhelming. So, I was contemplating following her example. However, I didn't! And the reason? When I went to look at the list I couldn't find one book that I didn't want to read!!! *hangs head* I guess I'll just have to read faster AND avoid succumbing to the desire to add books to the TBR list. What are my chances do you think?

So, do you ever feel that your TBR list/pile has taken on a life of its own and is so overwhelming that you can't face it? Have you ever trimmed it?


  1. My TBR mountain range is *mumblemumble* strong and to answer your questions: no.

    The books are there because at some point they caught my attention; I may not be in the mood for this or that one right now, but sooner or later I will be--and it so would suck bricks to have to shell out hard earned cash (or, you know, shamelessly wheedled for GC) for a second time.

    So the only book trimming at casa azteca occurs after reading.

    [Plus, do not feel guilty, woman, embrace the TBR]

  2. My TBR is overflowing so much that I find books all over the floor. I think they are trying to escape me.

  3. I don't get it, what did she do with the books? I feel like, okay there are some I am not hugely attracted to anymore, but you never know...in an apocalyptic situation I might be excited to have them!

  4. Yes to the first question - all the time - even as I'm handing over my money in a book store. And to the second question - no!! I CAN'T get rid of any of them. What if they start calling and want me to read them?? Then I'd have to buy another copy. And trust me - I have done that before - turned a book into a UBS that I figure I'll never read, only to get myself another copy at a later date. That's why I had to build a library in the basement.

  5. I've trimmed a book or two from the pile, but not as a deliberate task. More because I've gotten a book not knowing much about it, and then upon hearing more about the book, realizing it's not what I thought it was. (Then, it goes to the ubs, half.com, or the library for donation.)

    I will cull my "keeper" shelves, though, probably a couple of times a year. We have 100s upon 100s of books (we're both big readers, and were both lit majors,) and a very small house. Something's got to give, so I'd rather trim those shelves than the tbr shelf.

  6. My TBR pile is currently at 168, but I have the feeling that I don't have all of my unread books listed! I do trim the list every now and then, but fortunately most of the books in my pile are eBooks so at least I don't have a huge pile of books to trip over.

  7. Carolyn Jean - I'm the friend in question. I have a list of what I want to read MOST, that I try to keep to a reasonable level (I got it down to around 40). If I don't, I get really stressed about it and that's not the point. So what I did with the books - I just took them back to our main library downstairs or deleted them off my PDA. I still have them (either on the shelves downstairs or my laptop) and they'll go back on "active" duty when I feel more like them again, or I've read some of the ones ahead of them on the list.

  8. Renee, I have found alternative ways to hang on to my keepers.

    Has anyone noticed that in a standard doorway there is enough space behind the door itself and the wall to fit a paperback?

    I'm going to have to post pictures of my bookcases soon, I think.

  9. Oh and orannia? I really really need starfirenz to contact me asap, so I can mail the Blue Diablo copy she won at Fantasy Café on Monday. Thanks!

  10. ...embrace the TBR

    LOL azteclady!

    KB - maybe they are trying to escape, but isn't that why you have Mho Flo, so he can keep them in line? (And I like that you have a sheep doing the herding :)

    CJ - I literally have a TBR list. I borrow the majority of my books from the library, so pruning it is simply a matter of deleting the title :)

    Kristie (J) - I LOVE the sound of your library. If I ever get round to buying my first home, that's the first room I want to 'organise'. All of my 'keeper' books are in boxes *hangs head*

    Renee - I've done that. Added a book to the list and then realised, upon reflection and further study, that it wasn't quite what I thought it was...

    ShellBell - Your TBR list is at 168 and you don't have all of the unread books listed? GULP! I have problems with my list being over 60... I think I'd expire if it was at 168! You're very brave :) And I need to be able to read eBooks...I keep finding good ones! The latest being a new release by Evangeline Anderson!

    Sorry Kerry...I was trying not to 'out' you :(

  11. azteclady - I look forward to seeing photos of your doorway :)

    Oh, and I'll text starfire and ask her to contact you! She's offline today, but she should be back online tomorrow (I think). Is that soon enough?

  12. orannia - I didn't feel "outed". I chose to reply so it's on me, not you. If I'd wanted to stay anonymous I wouldn't have said anything. So no problem and don't stress.

  13. Thank you Kerry! I hope your weekend was going well :)

  14. Oh I'm with azteclady... embrace the TBR!

    I used to feel guilty about it, be embarrassed about it, vow not to make it bigger, yada yada yada. Then, I dont know... I just let all that worry go. Now I embrace it. And do what azteclady does and hide stacks of books in all those empty places that no one notices like behind the closed door. LOL And I thought I was the only one who knew that little secret spot. ;)

  15. Heh - you've seen my TBR mountain, kechara, so you know what I'm like. It's actually almost shorter than me at the moment, so that's got to be a sign of progress. WRT culling it... no, I have to admit, I have a couple of books on my pile that I bought back when I was still in the UK.

    @Azteclady - thank you so much for letting Orannia know I'd won the Blue Diablo contest - I've been away this past weekend, and might well have missed your post if she hadn't texted me to let me know. I've e-mailed you now - hopefully the message will have come through OK? If not, please can you e-mail me directly on kiwistarfire at gmail dot com?