13 May 2009

The Broken Wing Challenge

Your mission, should you chose to accept it (and that's just a figure of speech BTW *grin* This challenge is like the mob....), is to read the much lauded Broken Wing (Judith James) before the end of July 2009 (I thought I should add the year just in case people were planning to use the next 14 months to read Broken Wing *grin*). To up the stakes, review the book on your blog or forward your review to me and I will post it here for you. Reviews should be posted between 01 July and 30 July, with a planned group discussion (to which all current and previous readers of Broken Wing will be welcome) here on Friday 31 July! Re-visit the path to this momentous challenge here!
*whispers under breath* What have I got myself in for?

The 'participants' to date are as follows: *clears throat*
- orannia
- Aymless
- azteclady
- Renee
- Christine
- Marg
- SarahT
- Kris
- Lisa Marie Wilkinson
- ShellBell
- Maria Lokken
- Mad
- LeeAnn
- Mariana

If I have missed anyone, please let me know. I will also update the list if/when more 'volunteers' come out of the woodwork...and you can 'volunteer' at any time *grin*
GOOD LUCK! This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds....

Kidding *grin* I meant 29 seconds...

Edited (again) to add another name to the challenge list - we're up to 14 (YES, 13!) participants ! *happy dance*


  1. Go ladies!

    I'll be the cheering section.

  2. Good luck ladies, I'm one of those that wants to read it/buy it but haven't gotten to it. LOL
    I will be checking out the reviews to see if they will get me off my butt to go out and get it!

  3. *raising hand* Do we have any protocol to post the reviews? Like, not before this date and not after that date?

    (yes, overachiever here)

  4. Woohoo!

    Y'all are gonna love it! This is a challenge that you'll enjoy. I can't wait to read the reviews.

  5. I've got my running shoes on! Uh, I meant reading glasses.

    Thanks for organizing it! :-)

  6. Thanks Orannia!

    Second AL's question.

  7. Thank you Kerry! Sarai - hopefully we inspire you to read Broken Wing :)

    Do we have any protocol to post the reviews? Like, not before this date and not after that date?Aymless/azteclady - y'all know I'm useless at making decisions, right? Ummm....


    Shucks this challenge thing is hard :) Maybe no reviews before 01 July? That gives everyone involved at least 6 weeks to read the books without spoilers (if they haven't stumbled over them already?). What does everyone think? If we all concur, I will edit the post accordingly!

    Thank you Kati! GULP! Just realises I agree to review it.....*panic*

    Glad you're all prepared Renee :)

  8. Just to check...I think the Sarah on your list is me! I usually comment as SarahT but for some strange reason the comment function wouldn't let me do that.

    Anyway, if I am not the Sarah on your list,please sign me up!

    BTW, are you the only other person I've ever "met" who loves the little-know 'Knight's Move' by Jennifer Landsbert? I think we both mentioned this book on Dear author at some point. I adore it and I'm so sorry she hasn't written any more.

  9. I retroactively accept the challenge! I read and wrote one of the first reviews for Amazon.com on "Broken Wing," and I even posted it under my real name. The review is titled, "One for the Keeper Shelf."


  10. HI Sarah *waves*

    I think you are the Sarah on my list. I have amended your name to read SarahT :) And yes, I just ADORE Jennifer Landsbert's Knight's Move. And yes, that was no doubt me waxing lyrical about it on Dear Author. Perhaps after the Broken Wing Challenge is complete, we should have a Knight's Move Challenge?

    And welcome Lisa. I'll add your name to the list - I'm guessing you're going to re-read it?

  11. Hi orannia .. add me to the challenge. I have just request Broken Wing from Auckland Library so hopefully I will be able to read it prior to the cut-off date!

  12. Hmmm... orannia, you also need to add Maria Lokken to the list.

    And perhaps also edit the post with the parameters? Something along the lines of:

    "Reviews must be posted between July 1st and ?? with group discussion here on July ??"

  13. You're added ShellBell! Looking forward to hearing what you think :)

    Azteclady - I've added Maria's name (thank you for the heads up) and have now added the parameters *embarrassed* I should have done that before...sorry :(

  14. Woohoo! How the list grows! I hope everyone is putting our little icon on their blogs!

    (((Orannia))) Glad you (and not me) was chosen as our fearless leader!

    Like AL idea. That way we know when to look for the reviews. Ooohh if we made it the 3rd Wed. then I could use the review to meet Keshion's TBR challenge 2009 too!

  15. Found out about this challenge through Azteclady. Since I have until July to read this, count me in. My reading has dwindled down to 2/3 books this month but I'm hoping it'll pick up once school lets out and I have more time to read.


  16. Welcome Mad! I'll add you to the list right now :)

  17. Yes, I'm going to re-read it (for the 3rd time, LOL). I need to thank Judith somehow, she just posted that my debut novel was on HER keeper shelf. What an honor!

    Here's her post: http://tinyurl.com/qho4mb

  18. Hey! Coming over from Nalini Singh's blog. Thanks for the invite, I would love to. As I said before, I've started the book, but took a time out. I will definitely finish by July, so hope to have something interesting to say. It's pretty intense; I'll need some time to let it all marinate in the brain ;)

  19. Review is up! Hope it makes sense :) http://mearias.blogspot.com/2009/07/broken-wing-challenge.html

  20. I've (re)posted my original review on my blog at:

  21. And my review is posted--barely under the wire!