04 May 2009

Traffic Jam!

If I may be so bold as to borrow a phrase from the lovely Kati (Katidom), I have a TBR traffic jam! Do I read the next book on my TBR list (I follow a 'first on, first off' policy) or should I read a new release (my library has received its copies of both Fragile Eternity [Melissa Marr] and Lover Avenged [JR Ward])? (Because, honestly, how long does everyone think I can keep my head buried in the sand to avoid spoilers?) And what about those books that I have won (Blue Diablo)? Where do they fit? And what about books that are only half-way up my TBR list but a friend has started reading? If I read the same book, then we can discuss it...because is there anything more frustrating than reading a book and realising that no one else has read it within recent memory and you can't discuss it?


Have you ever experiences a TBR traffic jam and, if so, how do you sort out the snarl? Perhaps I should have a list of every book I am going to read, regardless of where it is from? (I currently use my library hold list, which by definition is limiting...) And should reading really be this stressful?


  1. I feel for you. I just went about blind reading Lover Avenged, which, surprisingly, I didn't hate. SHOCK! AWE!

    But I know how it is to have a TBR traffic jam. Sucks sideways!

    Good luck, my friend!

  2. I'm glad to hear that LA went down OK with you Kati..I'm very tempted to move it up the list, especially considering my library now has its copies - I pimped the series to one of the librarians and she was gleefully waving her copy at me on Friday. I was green! And it's about Rhev, and I've been hanging out for his book :)

  3. Orannia, I totally, totally know your pain. I have probably close to 200(!) in the tbr pile and it's killing me. I want to take a week off and just read, so I feel some control, but I know I'd not just read, so it would be useless.

    Right now I've got a bunch of books for review, so that helps me choose. Now that I'm going on a business trip, I'm going to take a few books that I don't plan to review, either for RNTV or my blog. It lessens the burden a bit *g*

  4. Reading should not be stressful, it's about relaxation, entertainment, enjoyment.

    I refuse to count the books in the TBR mountain range (they breed, I tell you!) but I have a looooooooonnnng list of books I've promised myself I'd review, since I've gotten them through giveaways and such, so I try to read at least one from the list for every two books I read just because.

    I don't always make it, and sometimes the reviews are "late" (as per my own timetable) but it helps keeping the balance between enjoying what I read (me, mood reader, after all) and fulfilling my self imposed obligation to review.

    erm... did that even make any sense?

  5. I'm with AL... That dang TBR breeds and sometimes it's offspring is TBB!

    Since I'm never sure what I want to read I usually buy used for those I don't HAVE to read right away!

  6. This is why, when all else fails and I can't cope with making a decision, I resort to the random number generator. If it hits something I really, really don't feel like reading, I'll do it again, but I've usually got a book picked for me on the first go.

    Although right now I have a book I want to pick up from my bookseller asap, which will jump the queue I'm pretty sure;

  7. Stacy - I too would love to take a week off and just read...but I know other things will intrude...

    Azteclady/Aymless - I agree, sometimes I think they breed...or at the very least I add books as often as I read them, meaning the list size never changes! And I like the 2:1 idea Azteclady!

    And I like the idea of the random generator Kerry...although I kind of feel like I should read the books that have been on the list the longest :) That way I don't have to make a decision, which I'm useless at :)

  8. Objection, your honor!

    Ms orannia ain't useless at making decisions--she just have a hard time doing it.

    Proof's in the pudding and all that, so don't go putting yerself down, me friend, or I'll get mean *narrowing eyes menacingly*


  9. *narrowing eyes menacingly*YIKES!

    Ummm...Objection sustained :)

  10. You could do what I do, Orannia, when the tbr gets too intimidating.. Buy a new book and read that one. :) Hey, it works! LOL.

  11. *stand behind AL, arms folded, nodding*

    Kerry: That sounds like a good idea. I'd probably have to roll a couple of time before it landed on something I want to read now.

    Kris: Love that idea! Hey. I think that's my problem.

  12. Kris, I think that sounds like a highly dangerous solution. But a fun one - says the person who bought four books today and has her eye on another one.

  13. Kris' solution does souns highly dangerous...but also rather tempting :) I LIKE IT!