18 June 2009

Branching Out

The lovely Kris from Kris 'N' Good Books and the lovely Tam have each just sent me a yaoi manga book to try. I've never read manga before so I thought I would 'branch out' (hence the title of this post *grin*). Luckily, Kris very kindly marked the page that tells me how to read the book - thank you Kris! I did know I had to read right to left, but within the page - no clue!
So, have you branched out recently? Read a genre or a format (e.g. audiobooks) that is different from your norm?

Updated to add: My copy of The Virtu (hardback format) arrived from the UK this week. It's so pretty! I can't stop looking at it...how disturbing is that?


  1. No probs, sweet. As you said you hadn't read manga before I thought I'd better mark the pointer page for you as it can sometimes be confusing. I did the same for Tam. LOL.

    Branching out?? Hmmm. Does revisiting historical romance count?? I finished "Broken Wing" the other day. *Yay!* Other than that I haven't really tried anything new lately. I have been meaning to give audiobooks a whirl. I should do that... once the book diet is over. ;)

  2. Thank you Kris ;) Ummm...you're on a book diet? That sounds...scary!

    And yes, revisiting a genre you haven't read in ages counts IMO. Out of interest, how did you find BW. I'm...*hands head* struggling :(

  3. *whispering* orannia, me too hush!!! don't tell Kristie(J)!!! *looking suspiciously to the side*

  4. Let's just say I had a few, umm, issues with BW. One of which did *cough* send me on a bit of a mini-rant. This was only a minor prob I had too. The larger ones well... are we allowed to talk about them before 1 July?? Just checking. I don't want to break the rules or anything. ;)

    The book diet is to "encourage" me to go through my tbr. No new books for me until I make a serious dent in the pile. :(

  5. Kris - you've a stronger will than me. I just end up writing longer and longer lists of books I want to read...and then splurging :) Good luck!

    *whispering* orannia, me too hush!!!

    *looks around carefully*

    *collapses with relief*

    Hmmm. Good point Kris. Maybe we better keep 'mum' until 01 July. I'm just glad I'm not the only one...ummm..cooking :)

    Oh, and azteclady - I haven't forgotten about the review. I'm just having a bit of writer's block :( Which BTW is all a me thing and not the book thing :)

  6. (((orannia))) take your time and worry not.

    And yeah... cooking over here too.

  7. Actually, I recently started reading manga too. But I'm focusing on vampire manga and not yaoi. I can get enough of that on AniMondays on the SciFi Channel.

  8. You go, orannia! It's always good to expand those horizons. I've been curious about yaoi, but haven't read any. I'll be interested in your impressions.

    I haven't started BW yet, and am skimming any references to it, since I want to come to it without any expectations one way or the other.

    You're so lucky you picked up The Virtu! SM posted on her blog the other day that it is now out of print, and getting hard to find.

  9. Hi Orannia ;) What yaoi manga did you receive?

    LOL, don't worry about Kristie, she won't jump at you if you don't like BW :)

  10. Heidenkind - vampire manga sounds interesting :)

    Renee - 'll be intersting to see your thoughts on BW. The yaoi manga is interesting..some scenes are more detailed than I thought :) And I'm still not confident on what speech bubble to read first in a page *grin*

    And I was rapt to find that copy of The Virtu. It was completely by accident and I'm still grinning :) I can't believe it's out of print!

    Thanks Nath! I received Kissing and Lover's Pledge. I've read the first and am part way through the second. And Kristie's just the best!!!

  11. I, too, have branched out thanks to Kris! :) It's been interesting and am anxious to read more.

    Other than that I think the most I branch out is when I read sci-fi, which is usually not something I read. I know, boring. lol