10 June 2009

Plot Twists

Before you ask, this is so not the post I was planning on...um...posting today, but as some wise people commented earlier this week, randomness is good *grin*

I was reading Scandal (Carolyn Jewel) last night and reached Page 200...and the plot went in a direction I was so not expecting! (FYI - for those of you who have not read the book I will try VERY hard not to include spoilers.) Those of you who have read the book will (hopefully) know what plot twist I am referring too. I am sure that the author has her reasons for doing what she did but...all I want to do is ask her why...why, why, why, why, why? The twist just has me feeling so...flat...and I'm now honestly doubting whether there will actually be a HEA. Will there be a HEA? *looks beseechingly at those who have read the book*

Have you ever read a book in which the plot has unexpectedly twisted to such an extent that you are left feeling bewildered...and/or mad (which is how I'm currently feeling at present). And did you continue reading the book?


  1. Funny you should ask... (and since I haven't read Scandal, I can't answer for the HEA)

    Where was I?

    Oh yes. I was reading a certain book, all hapy and enthused and flying through and then, just past midway point... bleh. Haven't picked it up in a week, have read something like ten books since, and have no interest in finishing it.

    Can I say how much THAT sucks?

    It sucks. A lot.

  2. Yes-actually it was Scandal. And I stopped.

  3. I remember that I loved Scandal, but I can't for the life of me remember what this big twist is. How awful is that? I only read it three months ago.

    Anyway - I say stick with it...I DO remember a few things towards the end..a few very good things:)

  4. Ohhh, azteclady - I am very curious as to which book you are referring too :) And yes, it does suck!

    Yes-actually it was Scandal. And I stopped.

    Hmmm. I wonder if our reasons are the same... *trying very hard to not include a spoiler* It just seems strange that D (I will call him D) had the you-know-what where he did...and was calmly able to use said you-know-what considering what he was engaged in...so to speak. (I hope that was vague enough for everyone.) And the outcome upsets me!

    I DO remember a few things towards the end..a few very good things :)

    Thank you Mandi! Very tempting :)

  5. Stick with it! Yes, things do veer quite sharply into unexpected territory. However, I think that it sort of reinforces some of the feelings of insecurity Sophie has at the beginning of the book, and goes a lot to her character development.

    You know, I had talked to CJ on the email, and she mentioned some issues with the second half. She might be a good one to bounce some of this off of.

  6. Thank you Renee. I'm still reading, but that twist really threw me. And it's good to know that this goes towards Sophie's character development.