08 June 2009

Writer's Block

I've got writer's block...or at least it feels that way. I have ideas for various posts, but they are whirring around in my head and I can't seem to grasp the threads long enough to write them down. (Actually, come to think of it, that sentence pretty much explains exactly how I am feeling about...well...everything at present.) And when I do manage to grasp these threads I'm in the car or in the shower...neither of which is very conducive to writing. It's so frustrating! And then there are the multitude of posts that I have started....and stopped, thinking they were idiotic. I think I know why I'm this...lost, I just need to organize my thoughts into some form of coherence *grin*

For those of you with blogs, or those of you who write, have you ever had writer's block? And if so, how do you get past it?


  1. I am the Queen of Lists and have a love of post-its which is probably unhealthy. Basically that means I have notebooks and post-it pads scattered around the house for those times when I know I will need a memory prompt, especially when it comes to ideas about the blog.

    Having said that, you might have noticed that I am also a High Priestess of Randomness. :) So even with the notes I tend to make stuff up a lot and talk about anything and everything that pops in to my head.

    Umm, that doesn't help, does it?? LOL.

  2. ...have a love of post-its which is probably unhealthy.

    I do that at work. If I suddenly think of something (or find a book I want) I quickly write it down. Hmmm...maybe I should scatter post-it pads throughout the house...and maybe I should dedicate a post to the wonderful invention that is post-its :)

  3. First things first: randomness is a good thing.

    Second: I do the notebooks, the post-its and, since that is never enough...

    I cheat.

    How? Well, I have a file on the computer where I keep half-written, half-formultated posts. If and when I remember, I add links to whatever gave me the idea in the first place (say, someone else's blog post, or a news article, or some such)

    Usually, when I'm having trouble coming up with something coherent and rational, I leave those marinating for a few days, then re-read whatever I have.

    At times, leaving things be for a day or so is what my mind needs to process my own opinion on the matter so that I can express it somewhat coherently. At other times this doesn't work, and the half-formed thought languishes there for... well, sometimes it's months :sheepish:

    Lastly, did I mention that randomness is a good thing?

  4. I love that randomness is a good thing :)

    I do that, keep these half-formed posts in a file on my computer...and on a number of post-it notes :) Did I mention I like post-it notes *grin* It's just so frustrating to think up (what I think anyway is) a witty line and then not write it down!

  5. Hmmmmmm... I used to just post about whatever came into my mind - which was great while it lasted, but did mean I was spending a *hell* of a lot of time online either reading or writing in LJ.

    My posting frequency has gone RIGHT down recently - since... Trailwalker, I guess. To be honest, in my case, I'm not sure that's a bad thing... I think my life's a lot more balanced now I'm spending less time online, and I'm *definitely* getting more reading done.

    It's probably too soon to say my days of intense blogging are over for anything outside of the occasional Twitter tweet, but my writing's definitely on hiatus, and I have no idea what the 'new, improved' Starfire blogging schedule is going to look like.



  6. All. The. Time. And especially when I have to do a post for Readers Gab. That's when its the worst! One of the things I do is think back on my favourite books and either do a post on them or something about them that makes them so good for me.
    Or I'll blog about silly life stuff.
    Or if things are really bad, I'll look at other blogs and just do some linking.

  7. I just don't post anything when I have writer's block. And it does help to read other blogs for ideas.

    AL: We must share some neurons or something, cause I was thinking the same thing. I agree that randomness is good.

  8. Everyone has great suggestions. I can only think of two other things I'll put up when I've got writer's block: I find a quiz or a game & put that up or I put a poem up. Once in a while I'll put up an image of a piece of art I like. Other than that, honesty is always good. Something quick, "I've got writer's block & can't think of anything, but here I am to say I'll be back soon with a 'real'post." or something similar.

    OT- I nominated you for an award


  9. Kechara - balance is good, and if you have that balance by not being online, then so be it :) I look forward to seeing what the new, improved Starfire blogging schedule is like if/when you decide to introduce it :)

    Kristie - I really like the idea of looking over my favourite book for ideas...or linking. Or *thinking furiously* posting covers or excerpts perhaps?

    Aymless - randomness is good, although kind of scary for someone like me :) And looking at other blogs is a good idea *makes a note*

    Thank you bookwormom! And I like the poem/quiz/game idea - thank you!