01 July 2009

Books 2009: June Update

Total to date: 38 books (5 books this month) [I honestly think I'm getting slower at reading]

The 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge total to date: 31 books (3 books this month)

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2008) can be found at Library Thing

Favourite book of the month? Actually I don't have one...

Books I 'did not finish':

* Imaginary Friends (Anthology) [However, I did read one short story from the anthology - Stands a God Within the Shadows (Anne Bishop)]

* Love Is Hell (Anthology) [However, I did read one short story from the anthology - Love Struck (Melissa Marr)]

Currently reading: Gale Force (Rachel Caine)

And the book I'm most looking forward too next month is: Branded By Fire (Nalini Singh)

What have you read in the past month?


  1. You and me both. I read a grand total of three books in June and one of those was an audiobook. Since "normal" for me is about 10 books a month, I remain exceedingly frustrated.

  2. Hmmmm. Compared to last month, was three good, similar or bad? Am trying to remember your total from last month...

    The only reason why I reached the grand total of five this month is because I read two manga books..otherwise I would have read three books :)

    Methinks I smell an interesting post topic...

  3. (((orannia)))

    I'm reading like crazy (ah, insomnia, the grand maker of time to read!) but after a burst wherein I wrote something like six reviews in one afternoon, I'm now dry again.

    Ah well, what's the point in stressing, right?

  4. That pretty much sums it up :) Very nice summary... I am waiting for Branded by Fire as well. I want it now!!

  5. (((azteclady)))

    Insomnia is so not fun. I used to sleep all through the night...until I returned from the UK and into family h*ll :) I hope you get some sleep soon! And WOW! Six reviews in one afternoon? I'm guessing your brain needs some down time after that mammoth effort :)

    Thank you nath! I want BBF now too :)

  6. Hiya! Remember me? ;)

    I think I average about 5 books a month when life is normal. Although, I'm not really sure what "normal" is anymore. LOL June was a surprisingly productive reading month for me, even though you'd never guess it looking at the whopping TWO blog posts I made in June. Oops! You can see a list of what I read HERE if you're curious.

    I, too, am waiting on Branded By Fire! :)

  7. HI Christine *waves* I so remember you - it's lovely to see you out and about :)

    And I'm almost half way through Branded By Fire! It's good and everyone was right - I needed a good book to break the reading slump :)