08 July 2009

Let Me Entertain You

Yes, that is a title to a Robbie Williams song *grin*

There are books out there *waves hand wildly* that make you think, books that wring every drop of emotion from you and leave you exhausted...and then there are books that simply say 'Let Me Entertain You'. These are books that you don't actually require conscious thought to read. Like those movies that have the unwritten subtext: 'To fully enjoy this movie, please disengage your brain at the door'.I like those movies, especially when my brain has been over thinking (which is most of the time I will grant you) and I just want to sit and vegetate and...be entertained. And I concur, when you're not in the mood to vegetate, such movies strip you of a number of hours of your life that you will never get back, but they have their place *grin* And so too do their book 'brothers'.

I was talking to a friend this morning about Twilight, which is current 'In Transit' to my local library. I've heard many and varied things about Twilight and I think I've come to the conclusion that it is a 'Let Me Entertain You' book. Now, I could be completely wrong; I'm more than happy for the book to prove me wrong.

But, I'm curious - have you ever read a book that screams out 'Let Me Entertain You'? (Not literally though, because that would be slightly scary.)


  1. The books that come to mind here are Janet Evanovich's Plum series. They're not brain food, more like marshmellow fluff, and I love 'em to death. No thinking involved. Just hang on for the ride. Bonus: Joe & Ranger. Yum ;)

  2. Hmm. Good question. I agree with Stacy about the Stephanie Plum series. Another one for me would be Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series. I also think this is one of the reasons why I read Nora Roberts too, but not her as J D Robb cos that's something much meatier.

  3. They're not brain food, more like marshmellow fluff...

    That's exactly what I was trying to say, but in a round about way :) Thank you Stacy! Marshmallow fluff books! Ummm...of I admit to never having read any of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series will I be persona non grata? I'm guessing they are good for those...marshmallow-requiring moments? And Joe & Ranger? *intrigued*

    Kris - I think I've tried Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series. IIRC the first one worked but the second didn't...I think I was in the wrong frame of mind. It's a tricky process, book selection :) And I know what you mean about NR's books - it's a fine balancing act and she does it well :)

  4. 3rd for the Stephanie Plum.
    I just finished Julia Quinn's What Happens in London, and it was definitely one of those reads.
    Katie MacAlister's Dragon series is another one. I'm not big on ha-ha silly paranormals, but I did enjoy this one.

  5. Y'all not helping my TBR list by mentioning Stephanie Plum :) Maybe I should give it a go...even if for no other reason that to meet this Ranger :)

    I did like the first two or three of Katie McAllister's Dragon series, but the latest two just haven't worked for me.

  6. Hmmmm... t'be honest, most of the chick-pr0n I read falls firmly into "let me entertain you" territory. ESPECIALLY Lora Leigh. Plus a great deal of the Urban Fantasy I read does as well.

    In fact, truth be known, I seem to read far more pure-entertainment fiction now than I do anything else. Which, at this point in my life, I think, really is all good :-)

  7. This is a good question. I find now that I review books and beta read regularly, it's much harder for me to turn off my thinking when I read.

    But the books that come to mind to me as "let me entertain you" books are the Blair Mallory books by Linda Howard. I find Blair to be a ton of fun, and her antics never fail to crack me up.

  8. I agree with the Stephanie Plum, although I stopped reading after the 5th book. It got to be the same fluff over and over... MJD is also good for the fluff.

    I'm with Kati: Blair Mallory is FUN.

    My most favorite go to books for entertainment are Shelly Laurenston's book especially 'Pack Challenge', 'Here Kitty, Kitty' and 'Go Fetch!'. Her Dragon series books too. They are extremely fun reads and I laugh everytime.

  9. Really! You're books don't talk to you. Murmur to you in your sleep. Does this mean I need help (more than what I already have?) *giggles*

    Mostly they sit there and yell READ ME.

    I see that you have picked up my gauntlet. I'm eager to see what you think of it. Just remember book 1 was the weakest (imho).

  10. Is Kate always this....confident and sassy? (Because cocky and smart mouthed sound too harsh!) It's just that I'm currently reading Kate's first meeting with the Lord of the Beasts and there's no holding back on her part

    Your assessment of Kate is right one (she is a bit cocky but I think that's a product of her upbringing. To show no weakness). She's a kick-ass first and ask questions later kinda gal. Basically have been raised up to have no friends or ties of any sort and working as a mercenary she hasn't learn the art of playing nice or how to be subtle. She does learns some diplomacy (the bureaucratic kind) in the later books.

  11. I agree kechara, there is definitely a time for pure-entertainment fiction, especially when you have a lot on your plate!

    Kati - I used to edit a lot (in other words all the time) in my previous job and it was very hard to switch off. I love Linda Howard but I don't think I've read her Blair books, although I think the first may be on my TBR list (as I remember you mentioning them before :)

    Mariana - I think I may just have to try and first Stephanie Plum book :) And Shelly Laurenston's Pack Challenge I have heard of before but not added to my TBR list *makes note*

    Aymless - your books talk to you in your sleep? *looks worriedly at Aymless* Have you not told them to be quiet? And yes I have picked up your gauntlet :) And thank you for the heads up on Kate. Am enjoying the world-building but I keep wanting to tell Kate that you catch more flies with honey :)

  12. Orannia - like I said, they were fun at first, but sort of lost that "whatever" for me. Stephanie Plum started to really annoy at around 3 or 4, after 5 I haven't picked up another. I believe it's up to 15 now.

    I also agree with you on the Katie MacAlister. She sort of lost my interest too.

    Shelly Laurenston is an autobuy for me, her stuff is raunchy and fun.

    Ilona Andrews rocks! Kate Daniels is one of my all time favorite heroines.

  13. Ooooh, I'd forgotten about Shelly Laurenston. Nice one, Mariana. She is absofrigginlutely hilarious!

  14. Um, like every single book I read? ;)

    I really liked Twilight. It's very romantic and teenage-y. I hope you enjoy it. :)

  15. Orannia: I try to tell them to keep it down but they seem to have a mind of their own. I'm sure there's medication for it, but who'd want to be sane in this day and age. And they keep playing with the order in which they are to be read. Its not MY fault that I haven't started Broken Wing yet. Its THEIR's.

    Heidenkind: I agree its very teenage-y. Its very enjoyable as long as you don't read too deeply into it.

  16. Mariana/Kris - I'll definitely have to look up Shelly Laurenston then :)

    Mariana/Aymless - I'm about halfway through Magic Bites and am finding the world building fascinating! Kate is still sassy, but she admits it too herself, which I like :)

    Aymless - I think you need to be tough...tough love with the books :) Threaten banishment...OK, that might be a bit extreme but....

    Heidenkind - thank you. I pick Twilight up tonight, and considering the huge hold list (over 1000), I'll be reading that next.

  17. Orannia: I have a extra copy of New Moon (second book in the Twilight series) if you want it. Let me know!

  18. Thank you Aymless! That's very sweet. I'll see how I go with Twilight first :) It's a very big book...and I'm only on Page 40 :)

  19. Oh, forgot to say - I finished Magic Bites this morning and yes, I will be reading the second book :) It was good. Kate isn't a heroine I would normally like, but I like the fact that she can admit to herself that she puts her foot in her mouth with frequent abandon :) And I like Derek :)