02 July 2009

Reading Slump?

Is there such a thing as a reading slump? The reason I ask is that last year (the first year on record) I averaged just under eight books per month. This year? Just over six books per month (with the results from earlier this year skewing the total IMO). My friend Kerry appears to be in a similar predicament. It's just that I'm finding that whatever book I'm currently reading isn't holding my interest. It requires effort to read....anything. My concentration just ends up wandering from the book at hand to the next on the TBR pile. A classic case of unsatisfieditis! So, is it me or is it the books I'm currently reading? (Personally, I'm more than inclined to lay the blame squarely on me because the books I've been reading aren't bad by any stretch of the imagination.)

I love to read but I just feel like the zing has gone... (And yes, this post is all about my relationship with books, not with a male.) Have you ever been in a reading slump? Any ideas on how to cure this gratefully received *grin* I did think about re-reading a keeper, although I'm worried that my opinion of the book will irrevocably change) or perhaps reading a new book from a series that I love. Oh! *acts surprised and fails miserably* What a coincidence! The latest book (Branded By Fire) from one of my favourite series will be released in *checks watch* five days! Oh, and FYI - Nalini is holding a countdown party for Branded by Fire at her blog (with lots of book giveaways).


  1. Yes, I've gone through a few reading slumps over the years, for various reasons. It's always quite depressing. On the plus side, it's a great way to cut a swath through your TBR pile!

    I'm not sure there's a sure-fire way to cure a reading slump. You can either wait it out or try changing up your typical books. Hmmm. Have you thought about joining a reading challenge to get you to read some different books? Or, ooh, I know--manga!

  2. Thank you heidenkind. I'm so glad to know it's not just a 'me' thing :) And it's good to know it's temporary (at least I hope it is :)

    My next book is non-fiction, so maybe that might help?

  3. I call it 'reader's block'. For me, I think it is associated with the fact that I'm very much a mood reader and tend to glut on authors or genres to the point where I'm bloated and sick.

    Heidenkind's right; it's a perfect op to devour the tbr. :) That actually has the tendency to renew my interest because it reminds me why the heck I bought of those/these books in the first place.

  4. I'm with you. I've found myself not wanting to read any of my books (read and unread). I have a bunch of books I've started, but not really in the mood for right now. I've moved to comic books until this passes (or Nalini's book is out).

  5. *gestures at own book blog* I've been in a reading slump (or a book rut or reader's block, etc) for a while now.

    Nothing I pick up has that wow-factor. (Well, no, I lie. Voodoo Season was frickin' fan tastic, but after that I slipped right back into it. *sigh*)

    Not every solution will work for everyone, though, which is the most annoying part about it. (Although like Mariana, I seem to be reading more graphic novels/comics now. Odd, really, since those take me more brainpower to read.) It should definitely be just temporary. Sometimes it can be a case of just pushing yourself into a book and sticking with it a little. It took me two attempts to get into Voodoo Season, but after that I couldn't put it down.

    Might also help if you look at when you're reading. I have a lot of free time in my days, but work in the afternoon. I can never manage to read with such things looming over me. (Aaah! Forget to keep track of time! I'm laaaate!) Even though I know the chance of that happening is really small nowadays.

    Do you have any book on your TBR pile that's staaaaaaring at you going "Read me! Read me!"? Because it might be worth a try to pick up that one and see if that recaptures that reading bug. (At the very least for one book.)

  6. I've definitely been through that before and it sucks :( I just switch genres and usually start reading non fiction and history books. It's good for research and it expands my knowledge :)

  7. Obviously, you're not alone in your slumping! LOL

    I get into reading slumps, too. I usually just let it ride out and I don't let it get to me. Then I look on the shelf for something I probably forgot about... or I go to the library and surprise myself with something I normally wouldn't have intended on reading.

    I get into blogging slumps too. I have ideas about what I'd like to blog ... but just don't feel like putting the effort into composing my thoughts into anything cohesive. (i.e., lazy).

    Hopefully you'll be out of yours soon. :)

  8. Switching sub-genres normally helps. I think it gets hard when you haven't read a FABULOUS book in a while and you feel like you're reading crap. You just need that one great book - but you have to wade through the rest to find it. Hang in - you'll get over it. :)

  9. I think we've all had them at one time or another. When I have one, I often go back and reread old favourites.
    The main thing is not to worry - it will pass when it's time and books will once again hold that wonder.

  10. I'm with KJ, I have new book reading slump. I almost always have my nose in a book. It just not necessarily a new book, thus the ever increasing TBR.

    BbF! Can't wait. That UPS guy better have his protective gear on 'cause I likely to mug him if he doesn't hand over that package pronto!

  11. I've also had a few reading slumps in my time. I can only echo what others have said. I found re-reading old faves helped, as did trying out new-to-me genres and subgenres.

    The last slump I went through was about two years ago when I'd overdosed myself on Regency historicals. I used to read a lot of historical romance, but the newer releases lacked variety. I started reading more general fiction and mysteries, and when I started reading romance again, I gravitated towards romantic suspense and contemporary romance.

    I now read historical romance again, but not as many as I used to.

  12. Thank you all! Knowing that this will pass has me VERY relieved!

    Aymless - I have BF in my grubby little hands! I picked it up this afternoon *happy dance* I hope your copy arrives soon :)