27 July 2009

Shaymless Aymless' Romance Book Club

This is pure, unadultered advertising at its finest! The lovely Aymless has, following the success of the Broken Wing Challenge *looks at calendar* *realises a summary post of the Broken Wing reviews hasn't been compiled* *panics* *taken deep breath, makes note on very long 'to do' list and gets back on topic* decided to start a book club. Called? What else but the Shaymless Aymless' Romance Book Club!

Don't worry, for those of us who can't source the book, aren't entralled by a particular month's book selection or are just plain overwhelmed with books, there is a month-by-month membership. Aymless, you're very considerate *grin*

And the book for the month of August is: *drum roll*

* Practice Makes Perfect (Julie James)



  1. Thanks Orannia! Your the best. Don't forget to add my cool little icon! *g*

    Yup the book club is open to everyone and you can decide if you want to read the book or pass. I'll keep the names of all the member on the on the sidebar but this doesn't obligate you to read the book of the month. Its just so I know who's picking the next book! *g*

  2. *checks calender*

    *realizes she hasn't finished Broken Wing, let alone written a review*


    *faints dead away*

    *comes to and starts to look frantically for Broken Wing*

  3. I read Broken Wing earlier this month, but haven't written a review yet! I will get to it by the end of this week, though! =)

    I read Practice Makes Perfect earlier this year, so will participate in discussions at Aymless' blog in August!

  4. You're welcome Aymless! I realised after I'd posted that I should have entitled the post 'A Shaymless Plug' - LOL!

    *hands azteclady a drink and turns on a fan* Breathe! I'm a soft-touch - extensions are permissible :)

    YAH Christine! I look forward to your review! Hopefully I can read PMP before the end of August, and then I'll be joining in the dicussions too :)

  5. Rats, I posted this on the challenge post... Okay, my review is up here.

    (And it's on time in my time zone *pfffffftph*)

  6. Thank you azteclady! Actually, it's on time in my time zone too as I believe the clock stops at the end of July and according to my watch everyone still has another...13 hours and 17 minutes :)

    And if it's still 31 July somewhere, then that counts too IMO *grin*

  7. I, for one, am grateful July has 31 days. I'm gonna need that extra day to get my review up. O_o