04 July 2009

So You Think You Can Dance? (Part II)

So You Think You Can Dance? When I asked myself this question in February I prevaricated. Yesterday (Friday) I sat my Advanced I dance exam (Jazz Addict syllabus). As to whether or not I passed...I think so. I say think because we did have the toughest examiner in Australasia examining the school, and when she examined me two years ago she was very tough.

For those of you who are curious, my exam consisted of 11 exercises:
1. Classical
2. Jazz Arms and Strength
3. Floorwork
4. Travelling Progression
5. Turns
6. Leaps (on the right and the left)
7. Jazz Amalgamatation
8. Lyrical or Contemporary Amalgamatation (we learnt the contemporary)
9. Musical Theatre
10. Student Choreography
11. Dance
Yes, it was exhausting. And if I pass, I move into the Advanced 2 class - and yes, if I pass I'm planning on sitting it next year. Me, mad? Why of course *grin* Oh, and my answer to the original question: I think so. (Me, give a definitive answer? Not likely.)
OT: I've been AWOL over the past two days attempting to weed my vegetable garden during a break in the bad weather. Oh, and stacking two cubic metres of firewood. However, even though I now have my hands on Branded By Fire *happy dance* I will be back online tomorrow.


  1. I keep forgetting that you have the opposite seasons! It's hot and dry here!

    Good Luck on you dance test! I'm sure you will *wow* them. ^_^

  2. Oh, wow - you didn't mention you had your exam coming up kechara (or if you did, I'm really sorry - with the whole housemoving thing, I must have totally missed it - in which case I apologise for being a self-absorbed best friend!)

    Best of luck with the results - when do you find out?



  3. Thank you Aymless. And hot and dry sounds lovely...it's wet here and cold! I love (controlled) fires ;)

    No worries kechara. I didn't mention it because it didn't come up. I figure I'll probably find out in about a month.