19 July 2009

Thoughts on Twilight (The Movie)

So, I finished reading Twilight yesterday and I watched the movie today. Where to start? WRT the book - I liked it. I think once I got over the whole infatuation 'issue' and started seeing Bella and Edward more as soul mates, the whole situation worked far better for me.
As for the movie - I loved it, I really did! Edward definitely didn't seem as stalker-like, but that may have been because I could see his facial expressions. There was also far less redundancy - things moved a lot faster in the movie. And I find the Cullens very fascinating *grin* I'm not sure why...maybe because even though they are insular, once part of the family you belong. (Yes, I have thing about belonging, what can I say?) Oh, and Edward's face after Bella met his family - that look of 'OMG I can't believe my family just acted in that OTT embarrassing way' - had me in hysterics.
So, will I be reading the next book? Yes. I want to know what happens. It won't be for a while though...unless I ask one of the local librarians nicely *grin* Not to queue jump the hold list (because I would never do that) , but because one of them has offered to let me borrow the books...and considering I'm 955th on the hold list for New Moon I might take her up on her very kind offer so I can at least read the book before I go and see the movie ;) Because yes, I definitely want to go and see New Moon. I'll probably have to take myself - 'Nigel No-Mates' in the flesh - but...c'est la vie *grin*


  1. Um... yay! LOL I have to admit I'm surprised. It took me two watchings to really enjoy the movie. At first RPatt just annoyed me and he didn't seem like how I'd imagined Edward in my head at all. But the second time I just giggled through the whole thing.

    Anyway, I'm glad you liked the book and the movie! :)

  2. I saw the movie first so I didn't think it was that bad. I'm glad I did it that way, because I thought Bella and Edward were more likable in the book, not quite so angsty or inarticulate. However I'd probably buy the DVD anyway. And I'm holding off on New Moon until the movie. At least I'm going to try LOL

  3. Heidenkind - you and me both :) I don't know...the movie just worked. Maybe because I watched the movie so closely after reading the book the Edwards melded :)

    Stacy - weirdly, I found Edward easier to understand in the movie, and I honestly think it was because of the facial expressions. In the book he came across as very stalkerish IMO, but in the movie In understood that it was more of a compulsion that he had tried (and failed) to fight... Hmmm. Maybe this weekend I needed the visual :) Oh, and although I want to see New Moon, I don't think I can wait until November (no will power) so I'm going to hunt down the books and the DVD this weekend! The question is - what covers should I purchase?

  4. I can send you my daughter's books... she's read all 4 already and I just can't get into them to read them myself. You can email me at mearias at gmail dot com if you're interested. I checked the mailing rate online, and it's not astronomical ;)

  5. I found I was able to enjoy the movie once I relaxed and stopped over analyzing it. It was hard for me to do that. lol

    Reading your impressions makes me want to see it again! :-)

  6. Thank you Mariana - that is very sweet and very much appreciated! (((Mariana))) Actually, I spoke to one of my local librarians yesterday and she is going to lend me her copy of New Moon. So thank you so much for the offer! I have been dithering about buying the books, but I think I'll see how I find New Moon first. (I am going to buy the DVD though :) The amusing thing was I had to pass a test before I could be permitted to borrow New Moon: Team Edward or Team Jacob. I just pulled out the a copy of the new movie cover of New Moon and pointed to Jacob and said 'Exhibit A' - LOL!

    Thank you Renee! I really think watching the movie straight after finishing the book helped me just enjoy the movie. I was listening to the commentary though and...let's just say that there are some continuity errors :)

  7. You are welcome, they've been on her bookshelf for a while now. For some reason I just cannot get into them, although my daughter did rave over the books. She's 10, but usually has good instincts for books. I did skim over them to make sure they were OK for her to read, but was annoyed by Bella.

    And she's completely Team Jacob, but I think that's a carry over from when the actor was Shark Boy (from the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl).

    If you need them in the future, offer still stands.

  8. I thought the movie was a good adaptation to the book. I still think Jasper could have to been better cast.

    PS: Finished Broken Wing. Now must write review! Gonna make that deadline so you don't have to get creative with the "punishment"

    Also I was thinking that we could start an on-line romance book club. Read, review and discuss one book a month. Each person could pick a book and host the discussion on their blog (or guest on someone else's if they don't have a blog). What do you think about that?

    RWA was awesome! Have present for you and will be putting it in the mail soon (unfortunately forgot to get it signed)! *evil g*

  9. Thank you Mariana! I've very touched :) I'm very interested to see what I think of Bella in New Moon...

    Congrats Aymless! *happy dance* And that reminds me, I must collate the Broken Wing reviews into one post for all to see :)

    And the online romance book club sounds interesting. Something we should definitely moot! Maybe each person could suggest one book...and the the title for each month's read is drawn randomly... *madly hypothesizing*

    Am so glad you enjoyed yourself at RWA! And I see KB snuck in a photo of you. It was so lovely to put a face to a name. And you didn't need to buy me a present...but I'm very touched (and excited :) THANK YOU! (((Aymless)))

  10. In the middle of BW now, though I admit I put it down to read the new Loretta Chase. I'll probably finish it this week and post the review by Monday! :-)

    I like Aymless' book club idea!

  11. Good luck with the reading Renee!

    That's a good name for it: The Aymless Book Club :)

  12. LOL! Aymless Romance Book club! hehehe I was thinking we could take turns hosting/choosing. I figure I need some reason to read all those books I've added to my TBR this past week. *sigh* I've added about 100!!!

    ACK! Pictures of me! *hides* At least I was mostly presentable. Finally met AL! And yes it is nice to match faces to names. And not just with bloggers.

    Don't thank me yet! *giggle* You may curse me after you get it! *snicker*

  13. Aymless Romance Book Club

    Perhaps that should be Shaymless Aymless' Romance Book Club :)

    And why are you snickering? What are you up too? Methinks you're plotting...something :)

  14. Shaymless Aymless' Romance Book Club

    I like it!!!

    And why are you snickering? What are you up too? Methinks you're plotting

    Who? Me? Surely you jest! *snicker*

  15. Shaymless Aymless' Romance Book Club

    YAH! Then we should introduce it :) Would you like to do the honours?

    *mutters* Definitely up to something...

  16. Have start book club! Come over and join!!!

    Have Kati and Sarai so far. And I posted the book for August. Even made a cool little icon for the club. Feel free to spread it around everywhere!