22 July 2009

Your (You're) Joking

No, I'm not. There is method to my title madness *grin* Please bear with me. Your Joking is actually the title of a book (and of a [now retired] New Zealand racehorse), but more on that later.

I was lighting the fire last night, as you do in the middle of winter, and perusing the paper as I scrunched it. (Because you never know what tidbit you'll happen upon when scrunching paper IMO.) What I found was a book review:

"Excepted" instead of "accepted"? As in "no excuse excepted". I can't bear the use of "invite" instead of "invitation" - to have someone say to me, "I can't except your invite" would, I believe, provoke justifiable homicide. In fact, I'd probably kill myself for having the bad taste to invite them in the first place.

The title of the book? Your Joking. And yes, the error is deliberate.

So, I was wondering - what have you seen lately (in a book, magazine, newspaper and/or advertisement) that required a judicious serving of grammar? And, more importantly, does a lack of grammar in a book bug you?

Updated to run a spell check. Only I could write a post about grammar and misspell the word! *hides head in shame*


  1. So should I tell you that you spelled grammar wrong in that post? :-)

    It's sports commentators that drive me crazy. Their English tends to be terrible and I sit there correcting them instead of watching the game.

  2. No tell me. I'm so ashamed! It's been corrected but I've owned up to the mistake in the post! It's my fault for not running a spell check like I normally do!

    And yes, sports commentators are so annoying!

  3. *laughs* - I actually thought the spelling error was deliberate!

    I get annoyed with the their/there/they're, the to/too/two and the its/it's misuses. Because it's not like they're the most common errors ever or anything. So it's not like there are hundreds upon hundreds of resources that tell you EXACTLY which homonym to use when. Oh wait. There are. Yep, no excuses!

    I also get annoyed with people who seem to think that 'aggravate' and 'irritate' are synonyms. I'm always tempted, when someone starts a sentence with, "What aggravates me is..." to interrupt with something like "Wait, this thing makes you worse than you started out?"

  4. *trying again*

    I don't expect to make much sense because my poor brain cells are still in hiatus, trying to recover from RWA madness.


    I thought the "your joking" was along the lines of, "your joking makes my head hurt"

    As to your question, it depends on how engrossing I find the book. In some cases, errors fly right over my head, I'm so lost in the author's voice/world/characters/story.

    If I'm just cruising, though, some things will yank me out of the book so hard it may take a full on rant to get back into it. A personal peeve is the use of "passed" for "past"--gah!!!!


  5. Kechara - the to/too/two issue also gets me! I remember my mother explaining it to me when I was knee high to a grasshopper, and I still use her reasoning :)

    azteclady! SQUEEE! (((azteclady))) Welcome back from RWA! How was it? I was very excited to see a photo of you!

    And I completely agree with you that how engrossing a story is may affect your ability to spot 'irregularities' in the grammar :) I know I've got a good example, but I can't think of it...

    It's so lovely to see you :)

  6. Er.. My comment gots lost.

    I is learned in good english. Them teachie folks learned me real good! *g* (Can't I blame my bad grammar/spelling on english being my 2nd language, not that I remember the first)!

    Psst O: Will tell you AL real name for the right bribe. *g* *ducks AL*

  7. The anglish, it is important.

    I guess it depends on the contest of the article whether or not bad grammar will bother me. I tyr not to git worked up about such thinks. ;)

  8. *frowns ferociously at a traitorous Aymless*

  9. LOL Aymless/heidenkind! You two crack me up!

    Hmmmmmm. *ponders what would be an appropriate bribe to convience Aymless to 'spill the beans' although adores azteclady's name*

  10. LOL *hides from AL* *dances around wildly*