09 August 2009

Help Wanted

I started reading Eve of Darkness (SJ Day) this morning. One of the things I was most curious about was the reason why Eve was Marked. And then I reached this...explanation (for want of a better word):
"On second thought, don't tell me. Just explain what I'm being punished for."
"For tempting me."
Say what? Eve was just being...Eve (an 18-year-old Eve I might add)....and supposedly just being Eve tempts Cain and yet...Eve is the one that gets punished? Because Cain was tempted? I can't speak or type I'm so mad. I'm all but frothing at the mouth. What kind of reason is that? Not a fair one by any stretch of the imagination IMO!

So, to those of you who have read Eve of Darkness (and/or the sequels), I would be very grateful if you could possibly reassure me that this 'reason' will make sense further on, because I'm honestly not sure if I want to continue reading. Because what I really want to do is rant at (no, not the author) the person within the story who 'wrote' the rules in the first place and explain things. Succinctly.

Updated to add: Oh, and in the Caine versus Abel decision....Abel *grin*


  1. Mean are stupid?

    Seriously, I haven't read the book, so can't help, but I have had it recommended to me, so I'll be watching for later answers.

  2. Sorry, I haven't read the books. :( I say throw it out and move on to the next book, though. ;)

  3. I have read the first two - I remember rereading that part over and over again, thinking, umm....Eve is punished for Cain's lust? I am not super familiar with the bible, so I had to have my friend explain it to me - God gave Cain a Mark for killing his brother Abel. So, Abel Marked Eve, knowing she was Cain's biggest weakness. Does that explain it? It helped me understand it a little more.

    I found book two to be much better..and I am definitely team Abel ;)

  4. Kerry - it's definitely an interesting read, apart from the little hiccup I mentioned above :)

    Thank you heidenkind!

    Mandi - you're a star! So, if I have understood this correctly, Eve is simply a pawn in the lifelong Cain versus Abel struggle for dominance? And because Eve tempts Cain (even though that itself is not a sin), Abel knows Eve may be Cain's downfall? OK, I can work with that :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who stopped on that bit :)

  5. That is what I got out of it. I am interested to hear your thoughts when you finish this book:)

  6. I'm with Mandi.

    God punished Cain and so Able marked Eve since she's Cain's only weak point. And there a couple of third parties in the side lines watch the whole thing Cain-Eve-Abel triangle. Should be most fun two watch!

  7. Thank you Aymless. Between you & Mandi I feel better about the 'why' :)

    Aymless/Mandi - I'll try :) I've read about 150 pages and, honestly, I'm kind of a litle flumoxed that Eve isn't demanding answers. Because I sure would be. I'd want to know everything, including the fine print, so that I knew exactly what I was in for and exactly what I had to do to get out of it. Eve keeps saying that it what she wants...but she isn't really demonstrating it IMO. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the book. I just...I don't know. Maybe if I had someone like Cain lurking around I wouldn't be trying so hard either *grin*

  8. If you had a hottie like Cain would you try really hard to get out of it. Not to mention you have hottie Abel too. ^_~