28 August 2009

It's Alive....And A Cunning Plan

It's alive! *happy dance* My lovely friend has fixed my computer. He's a complete star! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you lovely friend! I believe it was running v e r y s l o w l y *grin* I will be able to play on the Internet this weekend...and indulge in cookies *grin* All is good.

I also have a cunning plan...so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel! My library hold list has now hit 94! But...I can't reduce it because I'm currently reading books that have been lent to me by friends...lovely friends I should add...and I'm beginning to panic. So, I thought of a cunning plan. Firstly, I'm going to finish reading my current book - Resurrectionist (James McGee):
For the body snatchers, death is a lucrative business but one grave robber was about to come closer to his trade than he would have wished. His violent murder brings the gruesome living of the city's band of body snatchers to the attention of one Matthew Hawkwood, a man whose past is as dark as his quarry's. A new term at London's anatomy schools has brought demand for fresh corpses, a situation that threatens to spiral into violence. For there is competition among these "resurrection men" in the graveyards of London - a new gang of criminals is in town whose brutality shocks even Hawkwood. Meanwhile, an investigation into a series of dramatic mutilations and murders in Bedlam, home of the criminally insane, leads to ever-stranger clues that suggest a connection between the two inquiries. Delving deep into the world of anatomy and the country's foremost surgeons, Hawkwood hears of bizarre experiments at the literal cutting edge of technology - and beyond. But nothing prepares him for the horrifying truth that lies at the outer reaches of science and nature.
I'm going to return Resurrectionist (which is the second in the Hawkwood series BTW - Ratcatcher is the first) to my friend and start reading New Moon (Stephenie Meyer), which has also been lent to me by a friend. I'm going to read it then return it along with the copies of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn that she lent me. There is method to my madness: I've placed a library hold on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. This way I can read them when I chose, which means that a number of absolutely mind blowing books that have been languishing on my TBR list, including A Companion to Wolves (Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear), Fragile Eternity (Melissa Marr), Smooth Talking Stranger (Lisa Kleypas) and The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss), can (finally) be read. And yes, there is a third book in the Hawkwood series, but I'm planning to add that to my TBR list too *grin* I do have lots of interesting manga from cyphomandra, so I'm planning on interspersing that between the library books. And while I will have to read my library books in the order in which the holds expire (which is the case for three books in September), I am going to try and pick other books (e.g. Hunting Ground [Patricia Briggs]) up early. Otherwise the sparkle (no, not vampire sparkle) of anticipation has dimmed by the time I finally pick a much anticipated book up. I'm also going to set time frames for my online activity...and for chores...so that I can spend some quality time reading.

So, what do you think of my cunning plan...and is it at all feasible? Have you devised any cunning plans to reduce your TBR list to more manageable levels? I have also thought of perhaps culling *shock horror* my TBR list...but am wondering if that is a bit extreme...


  1. Yes, I haz a plan for reducing my TBR pile, but it's not very cunning. Like you, the books people loan me are what's really tripping me up (or at least that's what I like to tell myself). My hair stylist just loaned me a book that she insists I'll like, and when I first saw it I said, "Is that the Bible?" It's almost 1000 pages. :P

  2. heidenkind - 1000 pages? You're braver than me. I get scared by anything over about 400 pages these days.

    orannia - It's a cunning plan indeed. Just be prepared to have it derailed by the unexpected. I find that's what always happens. I haven't been feeling great lately, so I'm refusing to let my TBR dictate to me. I'm just reading what I feel like. It's actually amazingly liberating. It's probably not a plan that would suit you, though, I realise.

  3. Almost 1000 pages heidenkind? See, that would just put me off completely! I would love to read the Kushiel's Legacy (Jacqueline Carey), but with my TBR list the way it is (and the size the book is) I just can't bring myself to pick it up. (Am having that feeling about New Moon if I'm honest :)

    And I think the reason why these lent books trip us is because we aren't expecting them...and thus they mess up our carefully laid plans. Oh, and now my computer is up and running I'll definitely be swinging by tonight :)

  4. *whimpers* How am I meant to understand this without more coffee....

  5. Kerry - yes, the likelihood of my cunning plan lasting isn't good, but...it's only a strategy :) You see, I'm also working on some tactics to allow for unpredictable events, because, just as in a battle, things can change :) *note to self: must stop reading war books* I do like your idea of 'reading what you feel like', but the library hold list kind of precludes that :)

    Sorry Kris. I do have a tendancy to waffle (*looks at self* ya think?) and get lost in the detail...*realises no one is surprised by this*

  6. ROFLOL @ azteclady! Good one! ^_^

    And um ... yeah. Good luck with your culling ...errr... cunning plan there, orannia. Not that I don't think it's possible, but I just know I couldn't do it. I have no will power. I change my mind about "plans" all the time and like Kerry said, stuff always comes up and derails me anyway.

    I think I made a new school year's resolution around this time last year to write up and post reviews of books as soon as I read them... that SO didn't happen. At all. *sigh*

    I love my TBR. I think I'd panic if it went away. Seriously.

    I've also been avoiding books over 400-500 pages, which explains why Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been on my nightstand all summer long.

  7. *fans azteclady furiously*

    I may only end up culling one book, but at least I'll feel virtuous having done it :)

    Christine - I'm a big believer in plans. I like things logical and methodical...unfortunately, life isn't either *grin* Reviews? GULP! I still have to review The Mirador, and while I have all my notes...it's going to be an interesting process :)

    Hmmm...lots of people avoiding books. I'm not suggesting anything, but maybe (one day....next year perhaps) we should have a BIG BOOK Challenge... *claps hand on mouth* I did not say the 'C' word! I didn't!!! *runs*

  8. *comes to*


    another book challenge?

    *faints again*

  9. *giggles madly at AL*

    Apparently my big decrease-the-TBR-pile plan is moving to across the country. *sigh* I miss my pretty organized bookshelves with all my pretty books. Okay so I'm taking 4 bags full of books with me in the car and about 1/2 favorites. But having to dig through the bags seems to be a deterrent and I just read the ones on up.

  10. Yeah, "the big book" is exactly why Carey's Kushiel's Dart and Marrillier's Daughter of the Forrest are languishing on my shelves!
    I also plan to (eventually) read The Name of the Wind, but since I talked my husband into buying it, its taking up space on HIS tbr shelf. ;-)

  11. Hello all.

    Orannia - totally ingenious plan ;) I hope it all works *g*.

    Personally I've culled my TBR list; it got too unwieldly. I've also just given up entirely on some authors.

    I haven't yet organized my physical books, that I haven't been able to face yet. It'll have to get done though :( I've decided I'll either sell them all to a used book store, or hold a book sale at home. I need the space, plus my daughter's book collection is getting pretty out of control too. I just would like to list them so I know which I can bare to let go of. I've replaced quite a bit digitally (although finances are slowing that down). I've given myself til the end of the year to organize myself... we'll see.

  12. Oh I forgot to say, glad to see you have your computer back!

  13. Good luck on your plan!

    I don't think there is any book on my TBR that I could bear to "cull". They are all so precious! *g*

    I actually have a plan, I'm seriously going to limit my time on the interwebz. It's been my biggest time suck. Last night, I only got on for about 30 minutes then read. I loved it! It felt very liberating. :)

  14. *keeps fanning azteclady* I heard nothing!

    Aymless - at least you'll have your favourites with you in the car (although yes, digging to find them isn't fun). But at least you have the organizing to look forward too at the other end :)

    Renee - big books are... *shudders* They are just so off-putting.

    Thank you Mariana :) I keep walking past the computer and patting it I'm so happy to have it back. Good luck with the organizing. I only buy keepers, which keeps the numbers of actual books down (thank goodness).

    Thank you Donna :) The culling is a last resort option. I refuse to go over 100 library holds! Oh, and I will keep the idea of limiting my internet time in mind too :)

  15. *still down for the count*

    *whispering to Mariana out of the side of my mouth: have you tried Library Thing? I've just become addicted--talk about time sucking!*


    (but happy to have you back in the fray, orannia!)

    *coming to*

    by the way, lady, I have a bone to pick with you! I just read your comment at heidenkind's blog. Whaddaya mean you don't know if your reviews make sense? *tapping foot*

    You write excellent reviews, woman. Seriously. Stop. Putting. Yourself. Down.

    Got it?


    *back to my swooning spell*

  16. You guys are a riot!

    @AL, I actually use Goodreads, which is the same I think? Which is a good help, but the actual books are in about 10 different bins, that I need to sort. Thankfully, I don't mind using child labor (although, it'll cost me some) :)

    Also, once I actually hold the book I'll know how attached I am to it...

    @Orannia - Thanks! I wish I would've been the same... but I've been buying since Junior High School (late 80's), so they've piled up.

  17. *wonders if throwing an ice cold bucket of water over azteclady will revive her...but also wondering if the ice could be put to better use making drinks for everyone*

    *hold up hands* Sorry azteclady. (You are everywhere :) They (my reviews) just seem kind of...waffle-like...but then I usually think that when I have one (The Mirador) to write and don't know where to start :)

    BTW, I use LibraryThing :)

    LOL Mariana! I still have books from my teenage years, but (mostly because the family gave me stick) I tried to keep the buying to a minimum. And I guess I've got into the habit now of only buying keepers :)

  18. I second AL. Not talking down about our Orannia (and that includes YOU, Orannia).

    *passes ice water to Orannia* and urges her put it to good use *points to AL* *giggles*

    I use Library Thing too. And now that I have a "real" job I'm thinking about signing up for lifetime membership (getting tired of deleting books because I'm over the limit). I also have Goodreads but their widget isn't as nice.

  19. *coming to and giving Aymless a dark look*


  20. Message noted Aymless (and AL). I do try not to talk down about myself...not easy though :)

    azteclady - you've recovered! *hands azteclady a Long Island Iced Tea*