25 August 2009


To all intents and purposes, I am still 'offline'. I have been 'lurking' during the working week, but that is not via my home computer (which is, I think, kaput *looks at computer forlornly*) and thus my access is...curtailed (for want of a better word)...until my very lovely friend (thank you lovely friend) ascertains whether or not I have broken my computer irrevocably. So, for those of you who think I am ignoring you/your blogs - I'm not! Honest! It's just that time constraints and...certain cookies *looks sideways at Kris* may not be appropriate for certain computers (if you catch up drift).

Anyway, being offline over the weekend got me to thinking...how much time do I actually spend online? Quite a bit, considering how many chores I managed to complete on the weekend *grin* However, I am still utilizing (antiquated) dial-up at home, and will be for a while longer. One hour on broadband (or whatever it is called where you live *grin*) roughly equates to five hours on dial-up IMO...and that is a HUGE chunk of one day!

So, I was wondering, do you (and if so how) balance online and offline? Or is that just a really silly question?


  1. Not a silly question at all. *g* I'm still trying to find the balance. Even been thinking about this lately because I've been spending more time online then reading and it's starting to bother me a bit. So, I've thought about setting some guidelines for myself like how much I'm going to allow myself each evening online. It's working to a certain extent, but I'm sure I'll be tweaking here and there.

    Hope your computer has a speedy recovery! It's hard to live without one, especially at home -- need that instant access without boundaries.

  2. Balance? what is this balance thing that you speak of?

    (Here's sending good computer vibes your way!)

  3. I hope your pc doctor knows how to fix things so you can grace us even more with your presence!

    I love the things I do online and you can easily find me here for a few hours a day. Still, when I am wearing myself down I take some me-myself-and-I time and I retreat to my cave for a few days of spending my free time on just good old fashioned plain reading. Something I was used to doing before I had an online world to go to :)

  4. I've been mostly off line these past few days and it's killing me!! I miss all my blog buddies like crazy. And disappearing just on the last day of The Great Western Drive - well if I didn't love my sister so much and didn't get a chance to see my youngest one nearly enough, well......

  5. Donna - I really like the idea of guidelines (or at least a time frame for each day). I think the past weekend really brought home how much time I spend online, and with dial-up that is a lot!

    LOL azteclady (and thank you). Hopefully it is nothing major and my computer and I can muddle along together until the new one is built :)

    Aw, thank you Leotine :) And yes, the 'me, myself and I' time sounds good. I think my reading time definitely suffers the more time I spend online because, unfortunately, the chores always need to be done :)

    Welcome back Kristie! I hope you had a wonderful time :) I know what you mean - I missed all my online friends over the weekend...and I feel guilty if I don't visit everyone's blogs.

  6. I hope your computer gets fixed soon! If I was in your shoes I'd probably be freaking out right about now--and yes, that is a comment about how much time I spend online. :D

    I've been trying to find a balance between online and offline, too, especially now that I have a job that takes me away from a computer. Now I want more online time.

  7. Good luck with your computer! I hope it's fixed. I would be sad if my computer broke, because it's sort of like a pal. Which, I suppose, is an anwser to your question: I have NO balance between online and offline.
    Have a great week.

  8. Oh noes. Cookies are bad for Orannia?? :(

    Balance you say. Hmmmmm.

  9. I'm mostly offline on weekends because of spending time with family. It's amazing what a time suck the computer is when I just "hop on for a minute" on the weekends.

    I'm sorry you're on dial up. I can't imagine how frustrating it is after high speed. Hang in there. Glad to hear your finger is better. :)

  10. heidenkind - I can understand wanting more online time :) And I hope the new job is going well?

    Thank you CJ. Actually, when I eventually get my new computer I think I'll be rather sad to see the old computer go to the great recycling centre in the sky :( I know I shouldn't become attached to inanimate objects, but I do :)

    Oh noes. Cookies are bad for Orannia?? :(

    No! *shakes head hurridly* Cookies are all good...just not where orannia is currently logged on :( When the computer is fixed, perhaps we could have a cookie party? *rubs hands with glee at thought*

    Tracy - I'm the opposite :). I have more time to spend online on the weekend than during the week. I just need to find a happy medium...

  11. Um, no balance. lol I struggle with it.

    Hope your computer woes get resolved really soon! :-)

  12. I'm trying to think of something insightful and helpful to say here, but I'm coming up blank. I think I do an okay job balancing my time offline and online ... but there are consequences. Like missing out on a lot of the book discussion, chatter and even some of the companionship because I'm not blogging or blog hopping every day.

  13. Thank you Renee. Computer all fixed now :) And I know what you mean about struggling for balance!

    Christine - I find it hard...I feel like I'm letting someone down if I don't visit their blog...but at the same time I have chores. Currently, it is my reading time that is suffering :(