10 August 2009

Soapbox Favourites (Part II)

Last week, in Soapbox Favourites (Part I), I listed those books/series I love to jump on my soapbox about and pimp to all and sundry. Now it is time for those books that drive me to drink...well, OK, drive me to rant and rave...and generally make no sense whatsoever - a not uncommon occurrence *grin* Please note, I don't necessarily dislike these books - I just like to jump on my soapbox and rant about them. (I will try and keep the ranting to a minimum.) Somehow I don't think you'll be surprised with my choices...

* The Black Dagger Brotherhood (JR Ward). For those of you who are wondering why this series is even here, you probably missed my Lover Avenged rant (twice) earlier this year. The thing that most drives me absolutely batf*ck insane (to borrow a phrase from Mildmay [a character from Sarah Monette's The Doctrine of Labyrinths ]) is the product placement. It's not necessary! Does it add to my understanding of the characters? Is it integral to the plot? I think not! *look down and steps carefully off the soapbox* I wasn't also thrilled that one of the characters ended up noncorporeal...but I was OK with it until the rules started bending (dare I say breaking?)...

* Twilight (Stephenie Meyer). Yes, there was a rant about Twilight too. Edward....sparkles? And, while I did love the movie and while I will be reading New Moon (and yes, alright, going to see the movie in November) I reserve my right to rant!

And, weirdly, that is my list. Succinct, aren't I? *grin* So, what books do you get on your soap box and rant about?


  1. BDB's "outtie" *sigh* And really that's all I can think of at the moment.

    Mostly I ran about horror movie adaptations of books.

  2. I've never read the BDB. I also never really noticed product placement until you started ranting about it. :D I was reading a book this week where the characters used a Bic instead of a pen and I was like, "What is that?!?!"

    I think we should all reserve the right to rant about books whether we like them or not. :)

  3. I thought of another one!

    Authors who die before they finish a series aka Robert Jordan! Still fuming about that one.

    Heidenkind: *nod* I never realized it either.

  4. The book that has made me rant the most (and most violently) is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I swear I get violent thinking of that book. It's a fantastically written book, but I really hate being manipulated the way she did me with that book.

    Because I grew up in Brooklyn, NY; JR Ward's lingo really bugs the crap out of me... but I still read them. I can't even say I love the characters, but I do want to see how it all ends. I do get what you say about the product placements, but the slang bothers me more. I just don't see big burly Vhamphires speaking the way these dudes do... annoying beyond belief, but still my crack books ;)

  5. Aymless/Mariana - I completely agree with you about the slang in the BDB books. It just doesn't....fit.

    I think we should all reserve the right to rant about books whether we like them or not. :)

    I completely agree heidenkind :)

    Mariana - I haven't read My Sister's Keeper, but I think I might steer clear of it now :)

    Aymless - yes to horrible movie adaptations of books....and, while I don't think Robert Jordan would have wanted to leave his series unfinished, I understand your frustration. I keep hoping Melanie Rawn will write The Captal's Tower, third in the Exiles series. I'm not holding out much hope as it has been 12 years since the second book was published. Saying that, I know Melanie Rawn has had some significant health issues, so I am trying to be patient. I just hope that, if she decides not write it, she can give us a one-page summary with eveything wrapped up. At least then I'll know!

  6. I for one would rather not have the "next" book, than waiting for 12 years or so for a seven or eight hundred pages hardcover load of repetitious crud that felt like someone had vomited during a bad narcotic trip.

    *waiting to see if anyone recognizes the author/books*


    Back to rants... when it's the same story with the same characters and the same improbable external conflict, book after book after book after book. The only thing that changes is the names!

    *waiting to see if anyone recognizes the series/author*

    And of course the slang and product placement mentioned by all of you.

  7. OK....you've lost me azteclady :) I have no idea which books/series you're referring too. Then again, I think I've barely dipped my toe in the romance pool so they might not ring a bell.

    *waiting with breathless anticipation for azteclady to 'spill the beans'*

  8. Orannia - MSK is a well written, emotional book. I've never cried like I did for that book. The ending just KILLED me.

    Azteclady - completely stumped :|

    A series that completely has my rolling my eyes is the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich... I stopped after 5, but continue to read the reviews, I can only say I'm glad I stopped.

  9. Thank you Mariana. Hmmmm. It sounds like a book to read when you're chirpy :)

  10. First riddle: Jean M. Auel, The Shelters of Stone, series Children of the Earth

    Second riddle: Christine Feehan, all the Dark books after the third.

    I just dated myself really badly, didn't I?

  11. Ahhh, Jean M Auel. I remember those books. I think I read all three separately...and I haven't picked up the fourth. (((azteclady))) All that waiting and then....nothing.

    Ahhhh. I haven't Christine Feehan. And no, you didn't date yourself :)

  12. Ah... Clan of the Cave Bear, *g* The first book was good but then she took that sharp turn and kept going *sigh*

    Guilty of owning all the Feehan. Its crack for me. Not a great read but still pick her up out of the habit.

    O: The issue w/Jordan was that its was supposed to be a trilogy (when I started)!!! Then he just kept on going and going. From rumors I heard his editor started to locked him up in a hotels after the first couple of books in order to get the other books out of him. (see what you started... ranting...)

    AL: For bit there I thought you were talking about Eddings but then realized you probably weren't talking about his Mallorian series (which a repeat of the Belgariad series... heck he even has his character saying things like "Didn't we already do this?"). How bad is that!? Especially having you characters commenting on how repetive it was.

    M: hmm... good thing I stop buying the Stephanies after 4 (still haven't gotten around to reading them though).

  13. AL: I still read the Dark series by Christine Feehan... you're so completely right, but that's another crack for me. Good thing is, it seems as if it's wrapping up soon.

  14. orannia: if you are brave, read the first three Feehans, but don't blame us if you get hooked (it's crack, pure crack)

    You doubt it? Well, here is my sad tale...

    I bought them all faithfully for a long while--I think I had twelve or fourteen of them at one point--but finally I decided that drastic measures were needed, and chucked all but the first five (yes, what can I say? I'm weak!)

    Mariana: really? Huh, I didn't know. Then again, I haven't read Feehan at all in a while.

    Aymless: regarding the Auel books, I know! The first one was both incredibly different and very compelling. Things were never the same after (but I've read and own all of them, of course *head desk*)

  15. AL: Did you see the horrible movie they made of it. *sigh*

    O: Feehan = book crack. You want one? *g*

  16. Aymless - I do remember attempting to read the first Jordan book while at university (college), but I got bored with them wandering around the desert to didn't continue.

    azteclady - there's nothing worse than a series that doesn't go anywhere...or a series that is so long it feels like it isn't going anywhere! That's why I haven't picked up a Sherrilyn Kenyon book (well, apart from Night Play, but I only read that for the heroine :)

    And thank you very much for the offer of a Feehan book Aymless but my TBR pile is insane at present (and is rather stressing me out) so I am trying not to add any more books to it if at all possible. And my library has them, so if my TBR pile ever starts shrinking (which won't be for a while) I'll borrow them :) See me successfully dodge your dare azteclady *grin*

    Oh, and I loved the Belgariad and Mallorean :)

  17. O: LOL They did wander around that desert for awhile, didn't they? I think I have them all but never got around reading after about book 8 or so. (see a trend... acquire and not read).

    I loved the Belgariad but gave up on the Mallorean after they kept going on about how it was the same. *sigh* With series OCD it took some doing.

    AL: I tried. But Orannia seems resistant. ^_^