19 August 2009

Threes or Fours?

It is said that things come in threes (although ABC obviously doesn't hold with that theory). However, so far I count four:

1. My home computer is broken *sob sob* So, if you're wondering why I've suddenly gone AWOL from your blog, I haven't. Not deliberately anyway. Unfortunately, my computer is stuck in a time loop...trying to update itself. You'd think one Microsoft update wouldn't take that long...3 1/2 hours and counting. Personally, I think I broke it :( It just can't handle all those eBooks. My lovely friend has volunteered to look at it - he's the best! So, if you're waiting with bated breath for my review of The Mirador, please breathe as part of it is on the computer and part of it is in rough note form (and sitting on my dining room table).

2. When I arrived home last night I dropped the alarm remote (I was doing the 'let's not put anything down to unlock the door' dance). Of course, it separated into its myriad parts, and although I attempted to put it back together it (of course) doesn't work.

3. While drying a potato peeler (and I still don't know how I managed to do this) I somehow managed to slice a hole in the tea towel and in my thumb. Result: blood (lots of) and the use of various plasters. Although, on the bright side, I did get to try a waterproof plaster :)

4. And this morning I broke my mug. My favourite mug. My World of James Herriot mug (no laughing). I'm in mourning. And no, I don't drink coffee or tea - it's my milk mug. (Yes, I drink it straight - it's the only way :)

So whoever said things comes in threes was wrong...although to be fair my computer stopped working Sunday night. On a more positive (Pollyanna) note, I cleared my post box this morning (making me late for work - it's been one of those weeks) and inside was a yaoi manga book from Jenre. Thank you Jenre! And ohhhhh, it looks good! It will be my reward for surviving this week!

So, how is your week going? Ups? Downs? And do you believe that things come in threes?

Updated to add: Just realised this is my 100th post. Scary! I was hoping for a more exciting topic for such a momentous occasion but...c'est la vie *grin*


  1. Threes or fours, here's sending you positive thoughts! (((orannia)))

    My week is going...


  2. Thank you azteclady! And it's good to know your week is...um...going? As in going, going, gone?

  3. It's been a up and down week.

    1. Kitty is very sick. *sniff* Vet says she doesn't have much more time. We've been together for nearly 13 years now, so have weepy uncontrollably for a couple of hours now and still a bit weepy. Dunno what I'll do without her. *sniff*

    2. Got job offer (yeah) but its not as much as I expected (boo) so need to review all the benefits carefully.

    O: Sorry hear about your computer and alarm thingy. I have a Mac so I take to the Apple store for help. They are very nice. I broke my favorite mug (Pixar Enda Mole mug) about a year ago and I still mourn it.

  4. Hugs.

    My laptop died Sunday night, too. We've had the silly thing into repair about every other month. I was in the middle of an edit that seems doomed by things just like this. I'm so tired of re-editing because of this. Guess I'm going to have to save on my thumb drive every two minutes.

  5. (((Aymless))) I lost my puddy tat last March. He was there for breakfast but not there when I got home from work. I still miss him. I have my mother's cat, but he is almost 16 years old and his arthritis isn't good. I watch him to see that he is still breathing. I know it's hard, and I wish there was something I could do... The thing that comforts me is that I know how bright my life is with them in it...and how grey it would have been without them *wipes away tears*

    And congrats on the job, even if the offer wasn't as much as you wanted!

    (((Ashley))) That must be so frustrating - having to continuously re-edit. It's a pity you can direct the computer to save to the hard-drive and the thumb-drive (although I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know what the latter is :)

  6. Oh, we're having one of those weeks, too. The hose wouldn't work, the light went out and wouldn't work even after my dad replaced the bulb, etc. Plus I've been in training for my new job all week, and it's exhausting. I haven't had any time to read, practically, or blog. So... yeah. I feel for you. Here's hoping the rest of the week is better!

  7. (((heidenkind)))

    All the best with the new job! And I'm sorry to hear that you've had one of those weeks :( It's weeks like these when you're wishing for the weekend. OT - isn't that a song?

  8. (((Orannia))) Thanks. (still have the *sniffs* but slowly adjusting to the idea)

    Just finished talking to the HR person so we'll see how much more they can sweeten the deal.

    Ashely: Word does have those autosave features. Usually its every 10 minutes. Sometimes you just need figuring out where it saved it.

    heidenkind: Hope your week goes better. (((Hugs)))

  9. Oh my goodness! What a week it's been for all of you!

    Hugs all around.... and congrats to orannia on 100 posts!

    *confetti and cupcakes* =)

  10. *looking at Christine in shock* By Jove, you are right! We need to celebrate!

    *more confetti*

    *scrounging around for cookie ingredients*

    I'll only be a minute...

  11. You're gonna bake us some cookies? Really?!

    You need some help? Taste tester, possibly? ; )

    *opens bag of chocolate chips*

    Do we need chocolate chips?

  12. I tried to post here last night but something ate it - entirely in keeping with your post! Sympathies, then, again, for your computer (hope it's been resuscitated), mug, remote and your defenceless finger (and tea towel) savagely attacked by the potato peeler.

    In keeping with the general theme, my laptop went into a terminal coma on Sunday - it's almost five years old, it's been through three countries, and it's been fussing for a while, but I still hadn't quite expected it to make a sad grinding noise and freeze up, repeatedly. I managed to boot it as an external hard drive after it failed and have hopefully now pulled almost everything possible off it and on to my desk top, which is great because my backing up is somewhat erratic (I had multiple manga and fiction back-ups, but only a very old work one!).

    Hope your week's improving...

  13. Aymless - *fingers crossed*

    Christine - thank you! Ohhh, cupcakes...YUM! And chocolate chips always go well in cookies IMO :)

    azteclady - cookies :) Thank you!

    cyphomandra - thank you! The computer is still down :( It's currently sitting in my car. Am very sorry to hear about your laptop! Fingers crossed you managed to recovery everything from it!

  14. Hopefully your computer's better, your finger is healed and your remote is fixed by now. I'm sorry you were having a bad day. {{big hug}} it will all be better soon. :)

  15. Thank you Tracy :) Computer and remote still broken (am about to post more on the former now), but the finger is healed :)