24 September 2009

The Black Hole

Earlier today, the lovely CJ (from The Thrillionth Page) was waxing lyrical (that's a good thing IMO CJ) on Doubleblind (Ann Aguirre) [which sounds very interesting]. And that got me thinking....and then I came to the rather abrupt realization that I still haven't read Grimspace (the first book in the Sirantha Jax series)..even though I was the one who 'suggested' it to my library and then raved about it to one of the librarians (who FYI read it and loved it). It's been on my TBR list for...for ages! It's like....it's like Grimspace got sucked in to the black hole of my TBR list where it has languished every since :( But I'm sure this is an isolated case...

*checks TBR list*

*almost faints at number of books in 'The Black Hole'*

There's...*GULP* ...As Shadows Fade (Colleen Gleason), Fragile Eternity (Melissa Marr), Underground (Kat Richardson) and When the Duke Returns (Eloisa James), to name but a few. How (or should that be why?) have I not read these books? Am I insane or just stupid? (Please don't answer that last question.)

So, do you have a Black Hole (and yes I think the capitals are justified *grin*) in your TBR list/pile and, if so, what books have been sucked into it?


  1. Oh my black hole is 3 black holes in one. I am to the point where I close my eyes and just grab a book.

    I really recommend you read Grimspace. Such a great book.

  2. Well, don't black holes suck you in? Isn't that what you want with a book? LOL

    Actually, I think you should always read whatever you please. I mean, in life, there are just too many shoulds. Though, that attitude may be why I have my own giant black hole! Usually they are books I sort of chhanged my mind on wanting to read, though!

  3. Black holes attract matter, right? Hmmm... that explains why the TBR mountain range keeps on growing no matter what.

    I mean, I have a book-buying moratorium going, yet I have four new books sitting right here, waiting to be listed in the TBR! How does that happen?

    Thank you, orannia, now I know how it does happen! Book-sucking Black Hole! Perfect!

  4. Oh dear, Orannia. You know what would be really ironic? If you finally read Grimspace and didn't like it! LOL That would be sad, too, though.

    I do have a black hole. I live in a black hole. My brother steals back the books he lends me because he gets tired of waiting for me to read them. *guilt* :(

  5. Oh yes, I have many, many black holes. Too many to count really. It would be easier to list the books that haven't gotten sucked into a black hole.

  6. *does happy dance* for once "the read" out number "the acquired" (not counting the ones that just arrived in the mail today otherwise I can't say that) for this month.

    I really need to do TBR triage. I did a quick one when I moved in because the complete TBR wouldn't fit on its, now, dedicated bookcase.

    PS I finished Moon Called (and Blood Bound, Iron Kissed, Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground and now thinking I need a library card so that I can read Bones Crossed) so you now have to read Grimspace. *g*

  7. Three black holes in one KB? *hides* I do like the idea of closing your eyes and picking :) And I know I must read Grimspace. It does have a kick-a*s heroine though, doesn't it? I need to be in the right head space for that, but once I am I'll be there :)

    LOL CJ! And I agree, you should read what you please, and I try and do that...less DNF books that way :) Oh, and you're welcome :)

    azteclady - hmmm, I think you have a point. If black holes attract matter, maybe the books in a black hole attract yet more books?

    Yes, that would be ironic heidenkind :) But I think that's why I'm going to wait until I'm ready to read about a kick-a*s heroine. If I'm not in that head space then I don't enjoy a book as much. Poor you - your brother stealing books back. What time frame are we talking though?

    It would be easier to list the books that haven't gotten sucked into a black hole.

    LOL Christine. I'm with you on that one :)

    Go Aymless! That's a good month - an even keel :) TBR triage - LOL! *thinks* Did we have a challenge? That's a serious question BTW as my short-term memoryis atrocious. Grimspace is definitely on my radar :)

  8. Thank you Aymless. Hmmm...well, even unofficial, I need to hold up my end of the bargain :) I promise to read it before the end of the year...is that acceptable?

  9. I suppose that is completely acceptable. ^_^