07 September 2009


Can we say 'annoyed' and 'frustrated'?

The short version: my computer is broken....again!

The long version: I logged on to the internet on Friday night in anticipation of a phone call from a Microsoft technician...except that they ended up stuck on a phone call...for 2 hours (because that is how long I was waiting). And when I went to shut my computer down it decided to install a Microsoft Update....endlessly, which is the same problem I've been having for the last month. And I tried a System Restore (like a Microsoft technician directed me to earlier in the week), but that didn't work this time. And I tried it three times!

*looks at steam coming out of ears and decides something calming is required*

*looks at movie poster of Jacob Black*

Yes, I know, he's way too young! Don't you think I've told myself that I shouldn't be going through the teenage obsession phase at my age. Honestly, I think it's because I didn't do it as a teenager...it all got bottled up *grin* And it could be worse - I could have included the photo of the Wolf Pack...

So, *SIGH* my internet access will be intermittent again until my computer has 'resumed normal programming'...whenever that is *sob sob* And in the interim I will try and draft some thoughts on New Moon (without ranting about Edward's controlling nature) and my review of The Mirador (Sarah Monette).

So, how do you deal with computer breakdowns?


  1. I look pitifully at my husband. It usually works.

  2. ((((orannia))))

    I hope things get fixed permanently soon *sending good thoughts*

    As for me...

    I cry, I rant, I steam, I sob, I beg for help to everyone I know (and a few I don't), then live with it until some of the technologically apt people in my life can spare me and my computer a few hours.

    (I hate it, too)

    Reading and drafting reviews for the duration seems like a sound plan, though. I'll be over here *points at corner* waiting for whenever.

  3. Kerry, I like that idea...although I don't have a husband :)

    Thank you azteclady. And yes, there was a lot of ranting on Friday night and again on Saturday morning. In the interim I'll try and write reviews...and stare at photos of the Wolf Pack *grin* *wanders off to find the drool bucket*

  4. Oh no!!! More computer problems? Ugh. That sucks. I hope you get it fixed quickly!

    Don't hate me or anything, but don't have computer breakdowns.

    I have a Mac. =)

  5. I forgot to mention I see you're reading GRACELING!!! I've had that in my TBR for months and if I didn't just get CATCHING FIRE, I'd read it along with you!

  6. The wolf pack. LOLOLOLOL I swear that series is all about the man candy. I really want to buy the new edition just for the cover, so I can drool over it. :P

    As far as computer problems go, I usually just ask my mom to fix it. And then I freak out. :)

  7. I'll take the wolf pack, you can have Jacob.

    The thought of my computer breaking makes me break out into a cold sweat. I hope yours is fixed soon!

  8. (((Orannia))) *whispers go buy a MAC* I used to do the whole looking pitiful (to boyfriend or geek friends), crying, ranting, raving and threatening the inanimate object then I went and bought a MAC about 6 years ago. I've only had one problem and still have to same one I bought 6 years ago.

    Just remember Taylor Lautner will be officially an adult next Feb so just need a little patience. *wink* And he is the best looking wolf of the pack.

    Christine: Aren't MAC wonderful! I love my and take it everywhere.

  9. I feel for you, when you don't have that 'connection' to the WWW you almost feel lost - out of touch.

    I deal with no computer by stealing my husband's lapton. *evil grin*

  10. um, that should've been my husband's -laptop-! *sighs*

  11. Good luck with the computer. How FRUSTRATING!!!

  12. LOL Christine! And...I'm getting a bit stuck (with Graceling). I love the premise, but...there is something not quite working for me ATM. Will keep trying though :)

    Heidenkind - I so agree. I really enjoyed New Moon and so am also tempted to buy it...with the new cover of course. And I get to go and see the movie and drool over all the full-sized man candy :) That so didn't come out right...

    LOL Mandi. But hold on...there are four in the wolf pack and just one Jacob...*thinks* OK, that seems fair :) You're on!

    Shaymless - you are shameless! I'm far too old for Taylor Lautner...unfortunately :( Oh, and my brother has a MAC and swears by it. I am almost to the point where I just want to go out and buy a computer I'm so frustrated.

    Donna - that is so devious...I love it!

    Thank you CJ! Checking your email at the library isn't fun, but at least I can check it somewhere. Fingers crossed the Microsoft technician emails me today!

  13. That's it. You need to bust the bank and buy a MAC.

    It's the answer to all your problems.

    Well. . . the computer related ones, anyway. ^_^

  14. Sorry about your computer! Last time mine broke down I had to buy a new one (it was uber old) :(

  15. LOL Christine! I have to admit to being rather tempted. I'm guessing there would be a whole raft of programs I would have to learn to use if I bought a Mac...I've only even used Microsoft....

    Thank you Katie. My computer is also uber old - it doesn't even have a network card (for broadband), so I'm on dial-up and it only has an 18.8 GB hard-drive!

  16. You poor thing. I feel your pain. When my computer started acting all funky I went and bought a new Dell. It's fast and fabulous and cost a fraction of what others were selling for.

    Anyway, hope you're up and running soon.