17 September 2009

But I Guess That's Why They Call Them The Blues

Last week my lovely friend Kerry (from Saving My Sanity) and I were discussing the blues....more specifically, book blues. Because I truly think they exist. Remember the excitement that grips you when a book picks you up and pulls you inside? And then that flat feeling that sweeps over you when you finish said book and every subsequent book pales in comparison? The feeling of being all over the place and yet nowhere, resulting in disjointed reading and an increasing DNF pile? And then, after a certain period of time, you (to quote Kerry) climb back out of the book and realise that all is not lost. Unfortunately, that time period differs depending on the book... Me? I usually try and read a completely different genre to help snap myself out of it (which unfortunately doesn't always work).

So, have you experienced the book blues before and, if so, how do you climb back out of the book?


  1. Yes, I know exactly what that feels like. I think I'm going through a major book slump period right now, as a matter of fact--not that it's justified by the fact that I've read a great book recently. I'm just hating every single thing I pick up. It's teh sucks. :(

    Okay, I'll stop whining now. ;)

  2. I end up re-read the book that put me there. Sometimes endlessly for weeks on end. Probably why the dang TBR just keeps growing.

  3. Oh heidenkind, I hate book slumps. I went through one earlier this year and it's so frustrating! You want to read but everything seems...the best way I can describe it is like eating a really juicy, flavour-filled apricot...and then buying one from the supermarket that looks perfect but it bland. Or....since I'm obsessing at the moment....drinking real Coca Cola and then being given the diet version...

    Good luck. I hope you find something that sparks your interest :)

  4. Aymless - you've read the same book over and over? Kind of like Groundhog Day? I'm intrigued...what snaps you out of the loop and on to something new?

    Am rapidly coming to the conclusion book blues and book slumps are evil!

  5. Yes much like the movie. As to snapping out of it, usually getting a new book by a much loved author or a sequel to the "great" book will do the trick. (but then that also doesn't help the very towering pile of doom)

    Books blues and slumps are evil!!!!!

  6. LOL, on the Ground Hog Day analogy! Very interesting idea, Aymless!

    I usually read something really different (genre-wise) to snap me out of the slump.

    Ooh, so you're reading HaveMercy! I can't wait to see what you think!

    I'm so bugged with myself! I didn't realize that Corambis was due back to the library so soon, and couldn't renew it or read it on time. :-( I'll have to return it and request it again. ::headdesk::

  7. LOL Aymless :)

    Renee - I do the same thing too. I find a completely different genre can spark my interest again :) And
    that's such a shame about Corambis :( It may sound weird, but I'm thinking of waiting till Christmas...I don't want the story to end. On the plus side I have Companion to Wolves (and a sequel :) to look forward too.

    Yes, HaveMercy just had to be read ASAP (so much for the organized TBR list and my cunning plan :) I'm only 35 pages in but am really enjoying it. It definitely has a Monette feel - alternating first person with distinctive voices. Will keep you posted *grin*

  8. Book slumps are evil! I haven't found a solution for any of mine. They just seem to fade and I'll find myself happily immersed in a book again.

    Good post! I liked reading everyone's thoughts here. :)

  9. If that happens I read a couple books from my keeper pile until I find something else that sparks my interest but honestly, it doesn't happen that often :)

  10. Donna - the relief when you can immerse yourself in a new book....*SIGH*

    Katie - I like that idea - favourite re-reads. And you're very lucky it doesn't happen often :) I was ina slump earlier this year *shudders* - not fun!

  11. I'm late to this one, but I know exactly how you feel too! I fall back on tv serialism. This is where I watch season after season of tv series until my brain is about to melt down and I have to pick up a book in sheer defense. My brain can easily be distracted at times. :)

  12. NOw, that's a cunning plan Kris - I like it!