28 September 2009


There are days when I don't ever want to pick up and read another romance novel again. Days when I don't want to read about characters, who have lives that are either impossibly perfect or just so unrealistic as to not be in any way, shape or form 'normal', finding their HEA. Days when I don't want to read about people who actually have the confidence to say what they think and damn the consequences. Why? Because on such days I can't pretend that HEA exists and that good people do, occasionally, finish first. On such days I can't put on my Pollyanna hat and believe that tomorrow will be a better day (because going on experience it won't be) and that I will be a more self-assured person who will be loved just as I am. And on such days miracles seem...rather short on the ground and I have to admit that if I'm very lucky what I have now is it...because the thought of anything changing for the better seems less than remote...it seems impossible.

So, do you ever have days when you just don't want to read a romance novel?

Note: I know this post is very whiny...but I decided to keep to the spirit of Walkabout, be honest about what I am feeling and express it.


  1. Orannia, I don't think the post is whiny--there is a lot of bravery on admitting publicly to feeling less than cheery and upbeat--particularly when one knows one's peers/friends (even online, distant ones) are reading it.

    To answer your question... yes. I read a lot of romance because it gives me hope that good (better) things can and do happen, but there are times when I feel so low that yet another unrealistic HEA* seems like a slap to the face.

    And so, there are days when just the thought of picking up a romance novel makes me shudder.

    * "yet another unrealistic HEA" -- I say this because we all know that there are more poorly written novels (in all genres) than well written ones, and unless I'm re-reading a beloved keeper, I have no guarantees; hence, my dreading another poorly written HEA.

  2. (((azteclady))) Thank you. Most of the time I read romance novels for just those reasons, but occasionally there are days when I feel like the complete opposite (if that makes sense).

    And I agree with you about unrealistic HEA... Actually, come to think of it, now would be a good time to re-read a keeper with an uplifting HEA...Blue-Eyed Devil springs to mind. Thank you azteclady :)

  3. (((Hugs!))) Poor Orannia. Whatever has you down, I'm sorry. <3

  4. Thank you heidenkind! (((heidenkind))) As to what...not sure really...just stress overloaded I guess (I really need a holiday - am working on that). And it was a Monday. I had the Boomtown Rats song 'Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays' running through my head yesterday. The good thing is I'm reading fantasy at the moment, and probably will be for a while, so hopefully by the time I pick up a romance book I'll be feeling better :)

  5. ((orannia))) I know the feeling, but for the most part I won't stop reading romances. I usually will read something really depressing when I feel like that; an old Elizabeth Lowell or a few by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Something that will make me cry it out. It's weird but a good cry sometimes just let's loose those endorphins for me.

    I hope you're feeling better, soon.

  6. ((((Orannia))))) Don't you just hate when you get in those moods?
    I can't say I don't ever want to read a romance specifically, though there are certainly times I don't want to read anything. Sadly though, I seem to fill in the time with watching episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras or Paris Hilton's BFF or some equally scary trash TV reality show.

  7. Mariana - thank you :) And I'm feeling better every minute. I think it's Mondays, weirdly. And I like your idea....hmmm, a book by SEP or perhaps even Jennifer Cruise? Something light and amusing :)

    Kristie - I know things haven't been bright for you of late, so thank you! And while we don't have Toddlers and Tiaras here (what am I missing out on), we have Masterchef Australia. Sadly, I'm rather hooked...although I could cheat and find out who wins via Google..am so far resisting :)

  8. I'm watching Masterchef Australia too. I promise not to cheat if you promise too. Then we can follow it together.

    I'm not in a romance mood myself at the moment. I'm enjoying some fantasy and mystery instead.

  9. Alright Kerry, you're on! Me no peak, you no peak. And since you're watching, I'll have to send you an email tomorow and see who your favourites are :)

    Fantasy and mystery are great, aren't they? It's nice to have a break - IMO it makes you appreciate each genre more :)

  10. Never apologise for being honest with and about yourself, Orannia. Too few people are able to do that and it takes someone amazingly brave to be that kind of a person. I think you rock. :)

    I'm not in the romance mood much myself at the moment, hence my reading copious amounts of smut (ie yaoi). LOL.

  11. What Kris said!

    No apologies needed for being honest. (((Orannia))) And really you are much braver than I am (and will possibly ever be). You talk about 'real' things. Me, I'd rather sweep it all under the carpet and talk about things that don't come anywhere near that emotional armor.

    Honestly, I'm a cynic. I really don't think romantic HEA exist (for the most part, some people are just lucky). I treat all books like fairytales. They a good distraction from the 'real' world but they are real. Sure we learn things from them but in the end its all made up anyway. Probably why I tend toward the fantastic.

    When I'm feeling down, I like a good happy book to pick me up so romance usually works. But yes there are times when its just too gooey and goody goody to be satisfying. Then its hard core fantasy for me.

  12. Oh, thank you Kris. The funny thing is, 1) I find it very hard to express myself; and 2) I have so many layers that it's hard to know where the real me is...if that makes sense. Am trying to work on both of those...ah, well, Rome wasn't built in a day and all that jazz *grin* And sometimes it's nice to have a break from romance - I'm just using fantasy, not yaoi. Cast of Silence is....*zips lips* I'm writing a post :)

    Thank you Aymless! I try to talk about real things; I feel if I don't at least try then I will be standing still, not on my Walkabout...if that makes sense. And I don't feel brave...petrified actually :) But if I ever want to be able to remove that armour (which is welded BTW :) then I need to walk this path...

    And I love fantasy! (See current book :)