26 October 2009


One of the things I didn't mention in my previous post was that the ending of To Ride Hell's Chasm (Janny Wurts) always makes me cry. It just does. So does the ending of the audio version of Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince. And most of Lisa Kleypas' Blue-Eyed Devil.

So I was wondering...what books have you read that have made you cry? (And I mean crying in either a happy or sad way.)


  1. I was thinking about doing a crying post too:) I rarely cry when I read..I think the only one I can really remember having tears was Time Traveler's Wife. I tend to think I am just not that much of an emotional person..but I also don't read super deep books.

    I have Blue-Eyed Devil in my tbr..maybe I will get a bit watery-eyed ;)

  2. LOL Mandi. Great minds think alike :) The Time Traveller's Wife did the rounds of my office in the UK..but I just couldn't get into it. Then again, at the time, I was reading mainly crime and fantasy :)

    Oh, I do look forward to hearing what you think of Blue-Eyed Devil. I thought it was an amazing book!

  3. Oh...Butterfly Tattoo made me cry like a baby. The 3rd Vampire Academy book had me sobbing. I'm a sap. :P

  4. I was going to say that I rarely cry in books and then realised I have cried at the endings of three books in this year alone!
    Well, okay, I only had tears in my eyes and the sniffles for two of them, but that seems like a lot for me. LOL.

    The one that had me really sobbing was 'Hero' by Perry Moore. This is among my best reads for 2009. I <3 it so.

  5. HI Bridget! Lovely to see you :) You're no sap! I have yet to read Butterfly Tattoo, but I've heard some amazing things about it! Oh, and the third Vampire Academy book is on my TBR list...you've got me worried now!

    LOL Kris. I think tears in the eyes does count. Hmm....Hero I have't heart of...will have to investigate :)

  6. Hello! I almost always cry reading Elizabeth Lowell's (older) romances.

    The one book that makes me cry big time is Cry No More by Linda Howard. That is one hell of an emotional book.

    Blue Eyed Devil did it for me too...

    Oh and the ultimate was My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult... if I ever see that woman I'm cursing her out!

  7. Mariana - I forgot Cry No More! Yes, it was an incredibly emotional book!

    *makes note to self to avoid reading My Sister's Keeper*

  8. Well, see... it's tough for me to pick a book or even a few because I'm a total sap and don't mind admitting it. I'm a cryer -- books, movies, you name it -- if there's an emotional scene, pass the tissues. It's a beautiful thing. :)

    Blue Eyed Devil was one of my favorite reads last year and a tear-jerker if I ever read one. Touching and lovely!

  9. Hilcia - I cried in The Notebook....floods of tears. And I so agree with you about Blue-Eyed Devil. It really struck a chord with me..I must re-read it...but only when I know I can handle all the emotions that comes with it :)

  10. My list would be too long. You should just ask me which books I have NOT cried while reading.