22 October 2009


I had this post all written in advance and stupidly assumed that I had saved it somewhere...I had, but on my work computer, which I can't access until Tuesday. So even though you don't know what I originally wrote, I apologise in advance if this post...rambles...well, rambles more than normal *grin*

Reading Kerry's review of To Ride Hell's Chasm got me to thinking...have you ever raved about a book to a friend so much that he/she decides to read it...but their response to the book is the complete opposite of yours? I should be clear, it's not that I disagree with Kerry's review - I think she has raised some very valid issues ...issues that I actually agree with. The thing is, those issues don't in any way, shape or form, influence my opinion of the book. To Ride Hell's Chasm is still a keeper for me, and one of my favourite fantasy novels ever!

So, I'm curious - has a friend's response to a book, particularly a keeper, influenced how you feel about that book?


  1. Hmmm, not really. I have traded favorite books with my friends before, and they didn't like my favorites as much as I did, but that didn't change my opinion of the book. My opinion of their reading tastes, however--that's another story. ;)

  2. I'm like heidenkind. It doesn't colour my opinion about the book at all; however, I do tell my so-called friends exactly where I think their taste is from, which in turn leads to 'no, you sucks' and pushing and shoving. But you gotta be true to your beliefs, right. *g*

  3. LOL Kris! I'm from the 'we're each entitled to our own opinion' school...Miss Compromise...that's me :)