14 October 2009

Is The Grass Greener?

As I mentioned in an earlier post (A Rose By Any Other Name), I started to read Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Alison Goodman) early last week. However, around the same time, my lovely friend Kerry from Saving My Sanity started to read To Ride Hell's Chasm (Janny Wurts) as part of a GoodReads Book Club. Now, I simply adore To Ride Hell's Chasm; I would start waxing lyrical about it but we would all be here for a very long time, and time is precious *grin*

Anyway, Kerry has been sharing her insights on the book with me as she reads...and the book was calling. Definitely calling. And I simply had to answer...it would have been rude not too, wouldn't it? *grin* So, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn was returned to the library and I was picked up (and was swallowed whole by) To Ride Hell's Chasm. I was rather nervous to begin with; To Ride Hell's Chasm is one of my favourite fantasy novels and I was worried it wouldn't live up to my memory of it. Plus, the writing style is...a little different...and I was concerned I wouldnt' be able to follow it as well as I once had.

And was the grass greener on the other side? Well, WRT To Ride Hell's Chasm, yes, yes it was. As I mentioned, it isn't the easiest book to read - the author has an unusual way of phrasing, but the insight and the imagery that phrasing reveals is well worth it. What's more, I haven't found it a slow read, and even 400 pages in I'm not bored by any stretch of the imagination. It's slow pace works (for me).

So, while reading one book do you ever get enticed by another? And if so, do you answer the call, assume the grass is greener on the other side (in other words, with the other book) and swap? It's just that I'm wondering if I'm the only one with no willpower...

And...a side note: have you ever been worried about re-reading a keeper? Worried that it will not live up to your expectations? (Apologies - I'm
full of questions today :)


  1. Well, I'm a one-book-at-a-time girl, so even though I do get the urge to read other books while I'm in the middle of one, I ignore them.

    As for your second question... YES! As I might have mentioned three or thirty times, Jane Eyre is my favorite book. But I've only read it once. Same thing with Age of Innocence, Captives of the Night, and a lot of my other favorite books. I love them, but I don't know... I'm kind of scared to reread them, you know?

  2. Willpower against anything, but particularly books, is an urban myth.

  3. heidenkind - I'm in awe at your willpower! I couldn't ignore To Ride Hell's Chasm (TRHC); it was whispering to me *grin*

    I love them, but I don't know... I'm kind of scared to reread them, you know?

    I so know. I was all but shaking before I actually started reading TRHC. I was so worried that all the things I loved when I first read it would annoy me, particularly at the moment with my short attention span. But I'm so glad I picked it up. I think I'm appreciating more of the nuances :)

    Kris - very good point. Good thing to know that I'm accepting the inevitable *grin*

  4. I do get "the call" every once in a while but so far it hasn't been loud enough for me not to drown it out. lol I usually just keep it in mind and go with it for my next read. It's pretty hard to pull me away from a book once I've started it...unless it crap. :)

    And YES - I do get worried when I read keepers for fear they won't measure up to my earlier thoughts. But sometimes we just have to live on the edge.

  5. Tracy - I don't think Eon is a bad book, it just wasn't the right book for me at the time. Which I think is why I succumbed to the lure of TRHC :)

    But sometimes we just have to live on the edge.


  6. Hi orannia!!

    I completely get distracted all the time... and I'm a huge re-reader; especially the ones I love. I'm actually distracted by a re-read more often than not. I've never felt any trepidation, usually because I've re-read it recently ;) Also, I know the keepers so well by now, I know when I'm in the mood for what particular book (if that makes sense).

    Also, I figure time away from a book will allow me to appreciate it more when I do get to it. Otherwise, I end up not liking it as much as I would have. I don't like feeling pressured to finish a book if I don't have to; that's probably why I don't borrow books. I'm a bit of a contrarian... if I feel I have to, it's more often when I procrastinate.

  7. I'm not big on re-reading, but if I had nothing but time, there are a few books that I'd love to re-read.

    As far as getting distracted by another book while in the middle of reading one, that does happen to me once in a while (and in fact, twice in the last month or so), but not usually once I'm past the first two chapters or so of the book I started first. Sometimes it has to do with what's going on in my life and how much concentration I need to focus on the first story. Then I sometimes switch to an "easier" read until I have more time to focus. Does any of that make sense?

  8. Thank you Mariana. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets distracted :) And I agree - there's nothing worse than feeling pressured to finished a book!

    Christine - that's a really good point (about life distracting you from what you're reading). And yes, it makes perfect sense. Weirdly though, TRHC isn't an easy read, but it allowed me to sink myself into the story and the characters and so I was less distracted...if that makes sense :)