08 November 2009

Does (TBR) Size Matter?

I have a confession. *covers face with hands* My official TBR list (which is my library hold list) is currently sitting on 97 books. Earlier this month it was at 99 books and I was too...embarrassed...to place a hold on another book and thus hit three digits. (And yes, I know that no one but me would know the official number.) So, I have a piece of paper next to my computer that lists 'potential' TBR books! In my defense, some of the books listed on the (in)famous piece of paper aren't on the library catalogue yet, so this way I won't 'forget' about them. However, some of the books are on the catalogue but I can't place a hold on them as they would all appear at once! Hence the piece of paper *grin*

I'm not sure why I have this issue with the number 100...and so I was wondering if anyone else worried about the number of books on their TBR list/pile/tower. And, if so, do you hide books from your official TBR list/pile/tower because you are too embarrassed about how big it has become or are you proud of the number?


  1. LOL, Orannia... this is funny. I have no clue how many books I have on my TBR pile ATM. I do know I've accumulated an enourmous amount during this past year.

    Up until last year I never had a TBR pile. I had "to buy" lists and I would buy the books read them and then when done, I would go ahead and purchase the next batch. Somehow last year I fell behind on my reading and kept on buying. It bugged me for a while and it still makes me nervous to have all those books unread, but I'm more comfortable with it now. :)

  2. Hi Orannia .. I currently have 146 books in my TBR pile. I occasionally find eBooks on my laptop that I haven't included in my list but at this stage I think my list is pretty much up to date. 99% are eBooks so fortunately I don't have this huge pile of physical books to be embarrassed about. I haven't been buying as many books lately (over-priced, geographical restrictions or not in my format) so I have managed to reduce the list from 160+. I'd be happier if my list was under 100 but there are times where I just can't resist a spending splurge. I'm at the stage where I don't worry too much about the pile because I know I will eventually get through all of the books, especially the ones that have been there for 5+ years.

  3. I've come to accept the fact that I am always going to have a tbr, a big one at that. There are just too many awesome books, and awesome reviews that make me buy books. But at least I know I will always have something to read.

    Mine is over 100...my Kindle gets me in trouble because I order books and then forget they are on there :)

  4. This is the only time that size doesn't matter, or that you can feel free to brag about how big it is. Just depends on your POV. I like both myself. ;)

  5. I go back and forth as to whether I'm proud of my TBR. And it's in the three digits also.

    I feel bad when I buy a new book because of the books still waiting to be read. But then I feel good knowing I will always have some books on hand to read, whenever say like during a power outage... :)

    Mine is a love/hate relationship with my TBR.

  6. When I take the time to consider the size of the TBR pile - I'm horrifies at it's size. So I do my level best to NOT think about it *g*

  7. If I listed all my unread books I'd probably have a heart attack on the spot.

    Instead, I keep a TBR list that features the books I most want to consider reading. I keep it under 50 by culling books I'm no longer so keen to read if it gets up around that number.

    Ideally I'd like it to sit around 30 but it doesn't.

  8. Gawd, yes. I do not count the number books in my TBR pile (for a reason), but let's just say I can't walk through half of my bedroom because the floor is stuffed with piles of books. Which I have not read.

    In all honesty, it kind of stresses me out, because I like to re-read books and take my time with books, but now I feel like I can't because I have all these books waiting and waiting and waiting. O.O Make them stop!!!!

  9. Pfft! A TBR of 100? Tis nothing. You need to get over your issues with 100, my friend. Tomorrow, I want you to go online and add at least five more books to your TBR list at the library. I think you'll feel very liberated to break the mark. DO IT!

    I dare you.

    I double dare you.

    I triple dog dare you!

    (In the spirit of Christmas Story... my family loves that movie and we quote it all year round. LOL)

  10. I'm scared of mine--and so I refuse to count. If I think of the number at which I did stop counting, I become paralyzed...

    It's better for everyone if I just go blithely on :wink:

  11. Hilcia - I'm very impressed that up until last year you never had a TBR pile :) Me, I blame book blogs for the mass expansion in my TBR list. All those tempting books with reviews...how is a gal to refuse?

    ShellBell - that is one impressive number. And yes, having them as eBooks does make it much easier. I do the same thing, although 99% of my books are library books, so I have to return them :) My problem then comes with purchasing books I thing are keepers...I'm very bad at that step! Oh, and I'm trying to get hold of Sony to ask them to explain exactly why the Sony eReader isn't on sale here...

    Mandi - you're right. There are just too many awesome books out there... I do fondly remember the time when my TBR was under 50. I just had a blowout this year! Unfortunately, we don't have any eBook Readers for sale here...unless you count the iTouch and iPhone? Kindle will ship to Mongolia and Fiji, but not NZ! *deep breath*

    Kris - LOL! I guess I should loosen those OCD strings and accept that in this case size doesn't matter :) I'd still like it to be smaller though :)

    I feel bad when I buy a new book because of the books still waiting to be read.

    Donna - me too! And I definitely think I have a love/hate relationship with my TBR list. I feel guilty when I think about culling something from it!

  12. Kristie - LOL! Unfortunately, every time I log in to the library catalogue it lists how many holds I have...I can't never escape, unless I lower it that is!

    Kerry - no heart attacks please! And I like the idea of a 'Most Wanted' TBR list.

    heidenkind - that sounds like a lovely number of books *grin* All my books are in boxes - I can't wait to set them free :) And I agree, with so many books on the TBR list re-reads are hard to fit in, but oh so important!

    Christine - I know, I do need to get over my issues.

    I triple dog dare you!

    Does it help that I added Silver Borne yesterday (as it appeared on the catalogue) so I'm now at 97? Probably not. Alright then. I ACCEPT YOUR DARE! It might not happen straight away, but I'll try and add other titles from my piece of paper (once they appear on the catalogue) on to my TBR list and pass the 100 mark!

    azteclady - I'm scared of my TBR list too. Hitting three digits...GULP! But the OCD part of me needs to count...hence the piece of paper :) Oh, and guess what I unfroze from the library hold list earlier? Yes, Grimspace!

  13. OK, so I find the way I deal with it is a distinction between 4 different lists. I have my "TBR" list, which is books sitting on my shelf or on my hard drive, either from the library or that I own, and waiting to be read. Right now, I have about 83 TBR.

    Then I have my "TBL" which is the audiobooks sitting on my iTunes, waiting to be loaded on my iPod to be listened to.
    I currently have 12 TBL.

    Then there's my "Booklist" which has the books I want to buy or request from the library. This is like your written list, kept so I won't forget what I want when I'm at the bookstore or wanting to request something new.
    I have 108 on my Booklist.

    Finally, there's my "Library Requests" list, which contains books and audiobooks I'm waiting for the library to get in. My blog version is a little out of date, but I actually have 12 on my Library Requests.

    All these lists are pages on my blog, so that way I can refer to them when I'm at the bookstore or library.

    Whew! I almost never take stock like that. I'm now feeling a little overwhelmed. lol

  14. orannia, go you (on reading Grimspace)

    All kidding aside, I sort of envy you. Right now you have the whole journey ahead--from brass and brazen to... :grin: Well, let's just say Jax is growing up.

    Three books, just waiting for you to grab them, see? :wink:

    TBR: while not full blown, I do have strong OCD tendencies, so not counting has been very hard. I decided to cheat myself, by getting a Library Thing account. That way I can list all of them, but don't have to, you know, COUNT them.


  15. I'm too afraid to count mine. I have a ton of ebooks on my ereader that I fear I'll never get to. This is in addition to the two giant piles of unread books next to my overflowing bookshelf (one of my shelves). And, I just went to a booksigning last weekend and in addition to the books I bought, I got a bag for free. I think I'd be sad if I finished my tbr pile though :)

  16. (((Renee))) A woman after my own heart. I love that you have all of those lists! I try not to count up the books on my piece of paper - I know I'd faint!

    azteclady - I'm 45 pages from the end of Promises in Death, and Grimspace is next :) And no tempting me with the sequels... *grin* I like the not counting but listing plan :)

    Katie - LOL! See, that's the problem with eBooks...out of sight, out of counting range *grin* I do agree though, it would be sad not to have books in the TBR list/pile.

    Christine - I'm actually down to 95 books now! I seem to be going backwards!