30 November 2009

In Death Challenge: Promises In Death

Earlier this month, the lovely Christine from Happily Ever After set up the In Death Challenge. The basic idea of the challenge is to read one In Death book (JD Robb) per month.

At the time the challenge was made, I was two and a half books away from being 'up to date' with the series and was just about to start reading Promises In Death. So, the creation of the In Death Challenge was perfect timing IMHO *grin*

I'm not going to review Promises In Death. It has been done before and by reviewers far superior to me *grin* But I wanted to share with you my thoughts and my favourite paragraph. A paragraph that...spoke to me. I don't think this post contains spoilers per say...but it is plot-related...to this book and previous books, so those of you who haven't read many of the In Death books may want to put a blindfold on.

I haven't read an In Death book for almost a year, so it was nice to re-immerse myself in Eve's world. One thing that struck me while reading Promises In Death was how far Eve has come compared with where she was when we first met her in Naked In Death. (And I now have a hankering to re-read Naked in Death just to remind myself of where Eve was at.) Eve was a loner...now she has Roarke....and Peabody...she has family. That really hit home for me in this book. Now, on to my favourite paragraph:

'And the mirror turns so you wonder next about your own blood. What passes from father to daughter.'

'I know I'm not like her. But it's another question.'

'Here's an answer. Three fathers - hers, mine, yours - and three products of that blood, so to speak. And all of us have done what we've done with it. Maybe because of it. You know you're not like her, you're sure of that much . I know you. I'm sure you never could have been.'

So, have you read any of the In Death books and, if so, who is your favourite secondary character? I say secondary rather than primary so I don't receive comments with the same answer - Roarke - throughout *grin* Me? I love Charles...


  1. I just finished Kindred in Death today. I thought it was one of the good ones. More focussed on murder than characterisation this time, but still some nice Eve and Roarke moments.

    Me, I like Mira. And even if we very rarely see him, Mr Mira.

  2. Orannia, you started the challenge! I'm waiting for books to arrive & am planning on starting in Jan. But, I'm starting from scratch. Naked in Death will be my first In-Death book. No favs yet. ;P

  3. I have only read the first four or five death books - I REALLY enjoy them and should pick up the series again!!

    I like that quote you pulled out. Very nice :)

    I guess I don't know a lot of the secondary characters yet - I do like Roarke's butler dude who can't stand Eve :)

  4. Kerry - I can't wait to read Kindred in Death. I have a feeling though I won't read it until January or February (as I'm quite a way down the library hold list :)

    Hilcia - ohhhh. I look forward to hearing what you think!

    Mandi - I liked that quote too. And the character you are referring too is Summerset. And yes, he's great. I love watching his relationship with Eve develop as the boooks progress :)

  5. I only recently discovered this series and have listened to the first 6 books and last 3 books as audiobooks which are tremendous. My fav secondary characters are Peabody and her boyfriend McNally. Mavis is a hoot too.

  6. Hey SciFiGuy :) I haven't listened to any of the series yet as audiobooks...I've never actually listened to an audiobook *ducks head* Are they good to listen too? And I definitely a Peabody & McNab fan too :)

  7. Charles? Who's Charles? WAIT! Don't answer that. LOL
    I've only read the first four books, but that was almost two years ago by now. I'd have to say Eve is my favorite character, but she's off limits according to your "secondary character" requirement. I like Peabody and Mavis... and you gotta love the tension and bickering between Eve and Summerset! I love how they annoy the crap out of each other. LOL!