05 November 2009

Poll: The Colour of Technology

Earlier this week my friend and I sat down to discuss my new computer. One of the reasons for the delay is that he was (very kindly) trying to find a way to utilize various components from my grandfather's computer in the build. Unfortunately, that isn't cost-effective, so we're going with Plan B - a customized computer from Dell. And before you all ask, no, I am not buying a laptop...I don't want to check my emails in bed *grin*

One of the many things I have to decide on is the colour of the front bezel...there are eight to choose from! What happened to any colour as long as it's black? So, I thought this would be a good time for a poll. What colour should I pick for the front bezel of my computer? I look forward to your thoughts and thank you in advance for voting!


  1. I've always loved the colour purple and think that would be a cool colour

  2. I say green - I love that color. I'm totally jealous of your new computer. I need one in the worst way, but I keep putting off buying one. Course I want a laptop - checking your email in bed is totally underrated. ;)

  3. Purple is one of my favourite colours but I tend to stick to black or white for my laptop or desktop. I have a friend who would have everything in pink if she could, so I'd better not show her the colours available.

    Holly .. I totally agree checking emails in bed is seriously underrated!

  4. Thank you Kristie! Purple sure is popular :)

    Holly - thank you! I need a new computer in the worst way too. I can't listen to music or view photos (from a digital camera) as the RAM can't cope with it. And no broadband, as no port (hope that is the right word :) so I'm on dial-up, so no downloading...well...anything. And checking your email is bed is underrated?

    Thank you ShellBell! I promised my friend, who is going to help me set up the computer (my friend is a star) that I wouldn't pick pink *grin*

  5. I voted for plum purple!

    I have a laptop and a netbook because the laptop was too big to carry around. :P

  6. Very exciting!! I do admit my eyes went to the purple one first and I thought, "Oooooo!" But I also like the black.

  7. Yeah, I went for the purple, too.

    (Written while sitting on bed.) :-P

  8. Thank you heidenkind!

    I have a laptop and a netbook because the laptop was too big to carry around.


    Christine - thank you. I actually saw the black today - it's quite shiny. ANd I'm very excited!

    LOL Renee! Purple is very popular :) And I love you that posted while in bed! I don't think I could not have a desktop - it would just be weird :)