20 November 2009


Earlier this month I (hopefully politely :) asked you to participate in a poll to determine the colour of the front bezel of my new computer. Thank you very much to those of you who voted or who informed me offline of your preferences. Well, the votes have been tallied and the winning colour is:

Plum Purple!

(Over 55% of the votes were for Plum Purple.) This morning, I finally ordered my new computer - I am beyond excited! My current computer (much as I love it) is a relic of the dark ages...and I want to be able to play online. Anyway, you will hopefully be pleased to know that the colour of my front bezel (I wonder who made up that word? It's just....weird) will be...plum purple! Hopefully (yes, I know I'm overusing that word today) the new computer will arrive in a couple of weeks and then I just have to organize broadband (I'm not sure what term is used outside NZ for fast speed internet connections). So, fingers crossed, I'll be racing through the internet by Christmas! *happy dance*

The other progress I've made is on a more personal front. The (family) stress I've been experiencing over the past several years has manifested itself gastrically. The short version is, my stomach has been trying to eat itself. I know, it's a zombie plot waiting to happen *grin* My GP (general practioner) suggested I see a nutritionist, so off I went. While my focus was stopping my GIT (gastrointestinal tract) from attempting to star in a Hollywood movie, I did mention that I would like to lose weight (as stress ---> unhealthy diet ---> GULP!). So, since the beginning of August I have been (mostly) adhering to a healthy eating plan. (I say mostly because the amazing thing about this plan, and my nutritionist is that both are flexible, so I have indulged on occasion. The hardest thing was giving up Coca Cola for 3 weeks; at least now I am allowed...hmmm..I am allowing myself...two cans per week.) And, as of the beginning of this month I have lost 8.5 kg (18.7 lb). I'm currently still on the healthy eating plan as I'm not at the goal I set myself (and before you ask, yes, the goal is realistic). I have curves (even with a slight bone structure)...and I'm working on liking them *grin* And one of these days I'll find my favourite photo of me so you can put a name to a face.


  1. Yay for becoming healthier! Congrats on that... I know I should too, but I'm my own worse enemy :/

    Family drama is the pits. It really does a number on a person, both physically and mentally. I'm glad for you that you're taking care of yourself. Wish you continued success on your path :)

    Curves... I've always wanted a giant behind... I've got the boobs, would love to have them paired with the bottom :) My only complaint is my belly but I've always had one, so I've just come to accept that I always will. Now I just buy camouflaging type clothes ;)

  2. You are *so* my hero(ine)!

    Hurray for the healthier eating! Double hurray for the weight loss (my personal bear) and triple hurray for getting the new 'puter soonish.

    (curves are not only pretty, they are good!)

    [says the rounded-all-over-the-place woman]

  3. Congratulations on both fronts, orannia! First on the new healthy you. So important. Say yes to those curves, orannia... they're beautiful! *g*
    Second, on the new computer. You'll be whizzing through the net soon. Yay!

  4. Hooray, Orannia! I'm glad you're getting healthier. And w00t for the new computer. ;)

  5. Hey, congrats, Orannia! You should really be proud of yourself - it's not easy to turn old habits around like that, and wow, 18 lbs is really impressive. Also, congrats on the new computer.

  6. I'm so excited you went with the Plum Purple bezel. By the way, I don't think I've ever used the word 'bezel' in my life before just now. How great will that be to be up to speed once you get it?! I think it's a wonderful Christmas gift for yourself! :)

    I'm sorry that family stress has caused health issues for you, but I have to tell you how impressed and inspired I am by the progress you've made to a healthier you in such a short time already! Losing 18.7 lbs. is a huge accomplishment! I'm so proud of you. xoxoxo

  7. So glad you are getting the new computer!

    Also, (as someone who has a GI disorder-Crohn's disease/lleitis) I totally feel you on the whole stress=gi pain. Finding new ways to deal with things and lifestyle changes make such a difference!

    Congrats on the positive changes you've made. There's nothing like taking control of something like this (as much as one can) and reaping the benefits!

    ((Orannia)) :-)

  8. Thank you all so much for all your positive and wonderful comments! *blushes*

    The trick now is to keep going :)