18 November 2009

Shalador's Lady (Anne Bishop): Excerpt

Earlier this year, I posted on the cover and summary for Shalador's Lady (Anne Bishop). Thanks to the lovely Kerry (for the heads up), I am happy to say that for those of us who have no willpower, the excerpt has been posted!

And the anticipated publication date is 02 March 2010...so only 3 and 1/2 months to go...


  1. WOOT!! loves me some Daemon and Jaenelle!

  2. KB! I'm very excited! Perhaps a re-read of the whole series over the holidays might be in order?

    heidenkind - I'm not breathing a word of spoilers, which is why this post is so short :) Saying that (and I hope this is OK to say), the excerpt is actually the first two chapters...

  3. Very cool! Can't wait for this one! :-)

  4. Renee/Kris - I can't wait either! *happy dance*