28 November 2009

Thoughts on New Moon (The Movie)

Earlier today I went to see New Moon with my friend Meredith Shayne. Where to start? Overall, I enjoyed the movie, with the exception of the vampire-only scenes. And Edward just...doesn't appeal, so. even after reading the first two books and seeing the movie interpretations of said books, I can't understand why Bella wants Edward over Jacob. My first comment to Meredith once the movie had finished consisted of:
'Bella is an utter, utter idiot.'
Or words to that effect *grin* And while I was chatting to Meredith I came to an interesting conclusion. The werewolves refer to the vampires as 'The Cold Ones'. The Cullens live in a modern house, with minimal decor. They are always immaculately dressed and...even when they are together they stand apart. Take Bella's birthday party for example or, at the end of the movie, the scene where Bella is asking the Cullens to vote on whether or not she should be Changed. The Cullens stand as couples, not as a family...or at least that is how it appears. They are...restrained, and although that could be a product of what they are, this restraint is visible in so many facets of their lives.
This is a complete contrast IMO to the werewolves. Completely aside from the fact that werewolves have a higher body temperature than humans, Bella rather interestingly refers to Jacob as 'warm' (which I completely agree with IMO *grin*). The small scene in Sam (the Alpha werewolf) & Emily's kitchen shows us a wooden interior (which I always see as warm), with bright decor and the werewolves all bantering while sitting down together to eat. They just come across as a bright, boisterous family...so unlike the sophisticated Cullens. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself very well. *thinks* There's such a...disparity between the vampires and the werewolves...and for me, the warmth demonstrated by the werewolves is....seductive. I would far rather be with them (even if such a situation is far out of my comfort zone) than with 'The Cold Ones' (maybe because the latter reflects my family too much for my liking). And that is why I find Bella's decision so puzzling. Well, that and the fact that Jacob is way more yummy that Mr Sparkly Vampire! And yes, I know Edward is 'her mate', but... *shrugs*
Then again, maybe all of the above is the result of my overactive imagination. For those of you who have read the book/seen the movie - what do you think? Am I reading too much into what I saw?
And will I be reading the next book? Yes, and definitely before Eclipse is released on the big screen. I'd rather get to it sooner than later as I've been hearing rumours about certain happenings in tents...and am intrigued *grin*


  1. I really enjoyed New Moon, and Orannia, I love your observations. They are so dead on.

    I curse Stephenie Meyer for creating a TSTL heroine in the romance department. I mean, watching Bella so uncertain and mopey with Edward just sends out such a wrong message. Jacob is there for her, he calls her on her shit, and he's freakin' hot! What is wrong with her??? Sure true love is all romantic and swoony, but in the real world, that would never work.

    Great insight hon :)

  2. I can't see the appeal of Edward in any way. Jacob is such a well rounded, insightful, kind and wonderful guy.

  3. Thank you Stacy :) And yes. I sw an interview with Kristen Stewart recently, and she made the comment that, with Jacob, Bella is exactly who she is because Jacob accepts her as she is. With Edward, Bella is always trying to be more, to live up to an ideal. And the latter is not a good place to be. You always feel not good enough... And you shouldn't. I would much rather be with the guy who loved me just as I am, who was always there for me and who... Oh. I just thought of something. Edward 'decided' to leave because he thought that was the best for Bella. No discussion entered into. Jacob..kept away from Bella when he turned furry, but helped her to remember what it was she already knew. He..he wanted to protect her, but let her decide once she had all the facts. *bangs head on desk* I stick with my original comment - Bell's an utter, utter idiot.

    I can't see the appeal of Edward in any way. Jacob is such a well rounded, insightful, kind and wonderful guy.

    Ditto. And exactly. All physical atributes aside, Jacob is just this wonderful, warm, sensitive, down-to-eath guy... I so want to see the movie again...without all the Edward scenes - LOL! That's what the DVD is for I guess :)

  4. I haven't seen the movie yet, but in New Moon I was kind of pissed at Edward for the vast majority of the book. I was rooting for Bella to make it with Jacob, even though I knew it would never happen. :P

    And I do think the werewolves are warmer--metaphorically and physically--than vampires. :)

  5. So funny, my daughter at age 10 seems to be smarter than Bella. She's all about Jacob. She tells me "Jacob has a much better relationship with Bella than Edward. Wonder why she doesn't see it."

    Another interesting comment she made was that she learned more about Jacob because Bella spends most time with him; that she's hardly with Edward at all in New Moon. Lili feels like she knows Jacob more fully, so she's more into him. Plus, he's hotter and closer to her age ;) My daughter... looking to get her butt kicked by the men in my family *g*

  6. heidenkind - I felt exactly the same when I read New Moon. I spent the whole book hoping Bella would realise Jacob was absolutely lovely (and cheering that there wasn't that much Edward time). And no getting cold with a werewolf around *grin*

    Mariana - your daughter is very astute! Please tell her I agree :)