22 November 2009

You Told Me So

To those of you who told me what a wonderful book Grimspace was, who suggested, cajoled and/or pleaded with me to read it:

You were right, I was wrong!

So, feel free to say I told you so!

I finished reading Grimspace on the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to admit to not being a fan of the first person, so the jerky beginning took a little time to get used too. But a friend mentioned that Jax's...psyche was reflected in the sentence structure...and so it was. I could relate to Jax - she compartmentalizes...as do I.
...I'm so broken. Never realized how fragmented I've become until this moment. I'm a mirror where someone sunk his fist, a thousand tiny images refracted from that fissure, and none of them complete.
There were so beautiful descriptions in this book. Of the Corp:
One of them wanted to know if I could describe the smell of burning human flesh. The Corp is full of those types, who in another time would've been chopping up their neighbours and burying them beneath their porch. Now they receive specialized certifications and go to work inside our heads.
Of the relationship between a Jumper and a pilot:
Imagine for a moment - lover and brother and guardian and partner and - ...Perfect trust, perfect symbiosis; there comes a time when words aren't necessary any more.
I love the Jumper premise, and I hope that I learn more about what makes them tick as the series progresses. And yes, if that wasn't enough of a hint I'll come out and say it *grin* I'll be reading the second book!

And I just loved this paragraph:
For the first time I grasp that bending doesn't necessarily mean weakness. Defiance doesn't always equate to strength.
I wish more heroines came to this realization *grin*

Oh, and question: I can't find the page, but...are all Jumpers female?


  1. So glad you liked it! Ann Aguirre is a FANTASTIC writer. Not all jumpers are female; you get to know more about jumpers as we get to know Sirantha.

  2. I heart this series!!!! Jax is one one of my fav heroines - love that last quote you have up there too. You will definitely learn more about the Jumpers...Ann Aguirre amazes me with this series.

  3. *happy dancing*

    *fist pumping*

    *touchdown dance*


    And lucky you, there are now TWO more of these waiting for you: Wanderlust and the recently released Doubleblind.

    Oh and after you've read Wanderlust you should read the two free short stories at Ann's website.

    Jes' sayin'

  4. Mariana - thank you! Good to know not all jumpers are female...I'm sure I read something somewhere...

    Mandi - I love that quote. That's my main issue with UF heroines...the majority don't seem to know when to bend. Saying that, Mercy Thompson does :)

    *hands azteclady party balloons* Ohhhh, two more books and short stories! *claps hands*

    LOL heidenkind!

  5. Yay, I'm so glad you ended up really enjoying Grimspace! I liked the next two books even better.

  6. Love this series, and I love how the price of the violence isn't glossed over. Jax is kick ass to a certain extent, but there is always a price that's paid for it. And, March? Gotta love him!

  7. Thank you Kristen! Ohhh, now you've got me thinking I should juggle my TBR list and move Wanderlust up :)

    Great point Renee. I was rather shocked about the number of characters that...came to an unfortunate end. I still don't know about Doc! ANd March is fascinating! I hope to learn more about him too!

  8. Yay!!! Welcome to the Sirantha Jax club. ;)

    Did you get my email, by the way? No pressure about responding... I just wanted to make sure you got it.