26 December 2009


Earlier this week I finished reading A Virgin River Christmas (Robyn Carr), the fourth book in the Virgin River series. Reading this book allowed me to discover something about myself: I'm a prude. Yup, a prude. There are just certain bodily functions I have no desire to read about (particularly when there is a whole paragraph dedicated to said bodily function)...and certain descriptive words utilized that I don't expect to read in a romance novel. For example, peeing, fanny and whizz! They just completely throw me out of the story. Panties is another one. When I was a teenager I read a book in which the word panties was used....how it was used scarred me for life and I can't read that word without flinching. (And no, I can't remember the title or the author, but the book was about a bus of hijacked school children.)

So, are their any words or actions that throw you out of a story or make your skin crawl? Or maybe it's just me...


  1. I am not a big fan when the heroine goes into great detail about slurping up a certain type of fluid. That I can leave to my imagination, thank you very much!

  2. I always find that any reference to a woman "creaming" (unless it's being said derisively) puts me off and throws me out of the story... because (I kid you not), it always throws me back to crude comments a certain highschool boy we both knew and didn't get on with used to make.

    Plus, there's the issue that, as a woman, if the fluid one's body produces through arousal is "creamy" instead of clear... its entirely possible one needs a course of antibiotics. I'm just sayin', is all...

  3. KB - I'm completly with you on that...my imagination is detailed enough as it is, without being provided prompts :)

    starfirenz - I think I know the person you are referring too, although I may have blocked those particular comments from ever seeing the light of day... And WRT the antibiotics - yes!

  4. There are a lot of things I'm not a huge fan of in romance novels. But yucky bodily functions should definitely never be mentioned. Soooo unromantic.

  5. I hate the word 'cunt'. I've heard it used as a profanity too often for it to even come across as the slightest bit sexy in a romance.

  6. heidenkind - I'm so with you. Yucky bodily functions should never be detailed.

    Kris - in a word, yes.