20 December 2009

You Say Tomato

Some of you may have noticed that I was reading Kiss of Crimson, the second book in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series. And yes, was is the operative word in that sentence. I reached Page 88 and just...stopped. I realized that I was...forcing myself to keep reading (never a good reason to read IMO) so I put the books aside.

As to why...the book is very well written, but, just like when I read the first book (Kiss of Midnight), I kept comparing the characters and world-building to JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood. Believe me, I wish I didn't. I know there are definite differences between the two series, but...I can't seem to stop the comparisons from leeching out of my brain. For example:
It was Gideon, resident computer genius and right-hand man to Lucan, the Order's venerable leader. Gideon had the compound wired tight inside and out...
And there's some part of my brain wondering if 'Gideon' has a goatee and smokes...

I've come to the conclusion that reading both series at the same time just isn't working for me, but I've heard so many good things about the Midnight Breed series that I don't want to give up on it. So, I'm putting it on hold until I finally hit the wall with the BDB or the series ends (whichever comes first :) Although...I am thinking of trying to finish Kiss of Crimson over the Christmas holiday period.

So, have you ever read a series that just merges in your mind with another? And, if so, what do you do to separate them?


  1. There are a few series that remind me a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters series, and of course there's a whole bunch of Twilight copycats out there. Usually I just don't read them. While I enjoy how authors play with formulas, I DO NOT like derivative. I expect more than a little originality, especially if the basic plot is so similar that you know it's going to draw comparisons anyway.

  2. Hmmm. Good points heidenkind, particularly on the originality. I've been informed that this series (Midnight Breed) does diverge quite significantly from the BDB...it's just that at the moment they seem rather similar IMHO. I'd like to keep trying... I might see how I feel after reading my current book...

  3. Hi! This hasn't happened before, but there was a time I was reading something (can't remember what) and the names of the characters were blending with the names from another series; had me confused for a bit :) But then again, I confuse easy sometimes.

    I actually got Lara Adrian on my TBR list. The first book was a freebie from Sony some months ago, but haven't had the urge to read it yet. Maybe I should wait until BDB ends? I'm really hoping JRW doesn't put the ending too far into the future... I really want to read John Matthew's book.

  4. Orannia, I've read both series, although I stopped reading the BDB after Lover Eternal. The same thing happened to me with the Midnight series while reading the first 2 books. However, (from my POV) afterward that the series no longer "felt" the same at all. The worlds are different, some differences?
    1) the villains in the series are dangerous and really villanous (no baby powder). It gets better and better. The world building doesn't stop and it makes sense (no plot holes)& things get resolved along the way.
    2) the females in this series are better developed & they really have something to offer. Unlike the BDB, they don't disappear & they're not there just to provide sex (although they provide plenty of that, lol) & support for the warriors. The females are just as important as the males & they come back in other installments to contribute to the war.
    3) It is an inconsistent series for me personally. Some books are better than others. (ie, from the last 2 books: loved Veil of Midnight; Ashes of Midnight didn't do it for me). Some seem to be transitional books, and some are very good.
    Hope that helps. :)

  5. I started the BDB and kind of stopped at the second book so I haven't been comparing the two. And it's odd. I gave the 2 BDB books I read higher grades, but I prefer the Midnight Breed series more. I think I will have to echo Hilcia - the female characters are better then what I read in the BDB books but the Midnight series is a bit spotty with some being better than others.

  6. GRRR! I've replied to your comment twice Mariana, but both times it's been eaten! From the other comments, it seems the two series differ after the second book, so maybe give it a go? Oh, and Lover Mine (JM's book) is the next one! I'm reading it more for Qhuinn & Blay though *ducks*

    Hilcia - thank you! That definitely helps. So, keep perservering :)

    And thank you Kristie. I really liked Mary in the BDB, but Hilcia's right...the female characters vanish. I'm going to try and finish Kiss of Crimson tomorrow. *crossing fingers*