07 January 2010


Earlier this week you may have noticed that I was reading Daughter of the Forest (Juliet Marillier). And then, all of sudden, you may have noticed that I wasn't. That's because Daughter of the Forest was a DNF *hangs head* And no, you didn't misread my post last year on Juliet Marillier in which I waxed lyrical (well, I tried anyway *grin*) on the wonder that was Heir to Sevenwaters. Let me see if I can try to explain.

Last September I wrote a post entitled It's Not You, It's Me, and in the case of Daughter of the Forest it most definitely is...me that is *grin* I was discussing the DNF state of Daughter of the Forest with one of my local librarians, who is a huge Juliet Marillier fan. I couldn't put my finger on why I reached Page 30 and then couldn't get any further. Her comment was that, to read Juliet Marillier, you have to be in the right headspace. And that got me to thinking. How many of the books that I enjoy are dependent on my 'headspace'? Usually, whatever book I pick is the next on my library hold list. But occasionally I chose something else because I just know I won't enjoy whatever is listed... The best example is when I'm down on myself. When that occurs, I just can't read UF with a kick-a*s heroine, particularly if she is feisty. The inevitable comparisons occur and I just feel more down on myself *grin* ATM I'm just all over the place (family, what else *SIGH*), and so the concentration required for Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest is beyond me. Which is why I picked up the fifth Robyn Carr book (but more on that tomorrow). Daughter of the Forest is now back on my TBR list for when I'm feeling more myself.

So, how does your headspace affect what you read and when?


  1. With very few exceptions, my mood/headspace does affect my reading experience, definitely.

    There are books (or rather, authors) that I know I will enjoy no matter what; my mood tends to shift towards the positive when reading them. With everything else, it's a hit and miss--which is why it takes a lot for me to consider a book a DNF. Nine times out of ten, if I come back to that book later, I'll finish it.

    (That would explain my overflowing TBR bookcases, yes?)

  2. With most books I have to be in the right state of mind to read a book and get all out of it that I want to. For some reason I haven’t been in the right state of mind to read some of my all time favorite Authors. I know I love their work but to get everything out of it sometimes I just have to be in the right place.

    I’m really bad about being a spur of the moment kind of reader and if I don’t get to a book fast enough then it ends up in the pile waiting for the moment to come back. I have books that have been waiting over a year for that to happen. I have a huge TBR pile and there are still times where I feel like I have nothing I want to read lol.

  3. Oh, great post! I totally agree. I look for books to match my headspace all the time. Historicals, UF, it's a different headspace for each. And Esp I have to be in the right space for erotica.

    I hope you find the right headspace for Marilier, since you loved it so much.

    PS I totally thought of you putting up those trailers! LOL

  4. Most definitely! Often, I get a book that I'm so excited is finally released, but I know if it read it, I'm not going to enjoy it because I'm not in the right place for it. Usually, it's more likely to happen if the book is especially dark or heavy.

    I fell off on reading DotF over the holidays, so maybe we can do it together sometime later this year! ;-)

  5. Well, it must have been both of us, then, because I couldn't get past page 30 in that book, either.

  6. Headspace is very important for me when it comes to reading, too. I actually started Daughter of the Forest last year and got to about page 35 or 40 then moved on to a different book. It had nothing to do with the quality of the book - I was just in the mood for a quicker read with a faster pace and I always planned to pick it up again when I was in the right mood for it. And I will do that sometime this year!

  7. azteclady - overflowing bookcases and the books behind the door, yes? LOL! I have one author that always makes me feel positive, but yet ATM I don't want to read her latest book! Very frustrating!

    LeeAnn - it's like I said above, I have the latest book by a current author and I just can't bring myself to pick it up! And yes (WRT your spur of the moment comment). If I want to read a book then I want it ASAP, otherwise the moment is gone. Am keeping my fingers crossed Magic Strikes (Ilona Andrews) appears soon as I'm currently in the right place to read it (I just finished Magic Burns and loved it :)

    CJ - thank you! For me, I have to be in the right headspace for UF heroines. And thank you for the trailers! I was so excited to finally be able to watch them :)

  8. Renee - I have that happen. I still haven't read Blaze of Memory... WRT reading Daughter of the Forest, sounds like a good plan. And I think there are a few of us that haven't read it :)

    heidenkind - I'm begining to think Page 30 is the bogey page :)

    Kristen - that pretty much describes my thoughts. I just wanted something faster paced, and less intense.

  9. Daughter of the Forest is both slow (or rather measured) in pace and intense. If you're only in the place for a quick, light read it is totally NOT the right book. But when the time is right and it is the right book, it's a fantastic book. Take you time and go back to it when you're ready. I have a copy (okay, technically it's still at Barbara's right now) so if you find you're in the right moment and it isn't in at the library, come and borrow mine.

  10. Ahh, that's the perfect solution, orannia. That's what I do too. I put the book back on the TBR pile for that time when I'm ready for it again. Headspace is the perfect term. I'm glad you didn't give up on a favorite writer...

    It usually takes me a couple of tries before I'll really DNF the book. :)