27 January 2010

My New Toy

You may remember me mentioning that I planning on purchasing a multi-purpose device so that I could finally read eBooks somewhere other than on my computer. Well, all the pieces of the puzzle finally arrived yesterday, so I give you....my new toy!

Yes, I am now the proud owner of an iPhone. Yes, it's still all wrapped up - this weekend has been designated unwrapping and playing weekend *grin* I was planning on purchasing an iTouch, but a family member realized before Christmas that he hadn't actually given me a Christmas or birthday present for 3 years...not that it bothered me. Anyway, he decided to make up for it. That generous gift allowed me to stretch my budget to an iPhone, which was wise IMO since my current mobile phone is about to depart for shores unknown. (Yes, that is my story about why I purchased an extravagantly expensive item of technology and I'm sticking too it :) Plus...there are no eBook Readers available in New Zealand - I know, you'd think we were in the middle of nowhere. *looks at map* Well, geography isn't the point.

So, for those of you who own an iPhone or iTouch, what do I need to know? (Apart from everything :) And for those of you who own any type of eReader, where are the best places to go to purchase eBooks? *rubs hands with glee*


  1. Congrats on your new baby! ;)

    Fictionwise!!! zOMG - they're having a sale right now - 45% off romance/er0tica! They have a lot of sales, actually - in between sales, I wishlist books and wait until the sale to pick them up.

    All Romance eBooks is pretty popular. They do have a lot of free books - some are even decent. :)

    Amber Allure has a daily deal - one title that's 75% off.

  2. I downloaded Stanza from the apps store which has handy links to many ebook vendor/libraries, like Project Gutenberg, Fictionwise, Random House, Feedbooks, All Romance, etc.

  3. Thank you Chris! Oh, Fictionwise are having a sale! YAH! I have to buy a book this weekend - the first in Kris' favourite m/m fantasy series (we've been having a discussion on GoodReads and obviously the universe is telling me to read it :) I so like the wishlist until the sale idea! It's brilliant! I'll also wemble by AllRomance eBooks - thank you!

    Nicola - downloading Stanza is first on my list (once said toy is up and running) but I didn't know about all the links. Thank you so much for the tip!

  4. Ebooks are like potato chips... you can't stop at just one. ;)

  5. *fondles*

    Ooooh! Shiny! My eReader is coming tomorrow! Sweet! Love your new toy!

  6. LOL Chris! That's the problem...with both eBooks and potato chips :)

    Kati - very shiny! Oh - have so much fun with your new eReader. I have to say, if I had the opportunity I would probably have bought the Sony eReader. It's gorgeous!

  7. I agree about Stanza and Fictionwise. If you haven't had a chance yet, bring the toy over on Friday and we'll set you up with both before you go home.

    I absolutely love mine. It just does so many things together AND it fits in my pocket. I was reading comics at the 5yo's swimming class today.

  8. The best thing about Fictionwise, IMO (apart from the sales, of course), is its multiformat ebooks. To be able to download the books you buy in multiple formats is incredibly useful for those of us who read on different devices.

  9. Congrats, sweetie! Enjoy!

    I also use Fictionwise and have found that the discounts are worth joining their membership club @ $29USD/year.

    My Nook is (hopefully!) coming next week.

  10. Congratulations orannia! That's a sweet looking toy. You've already been given great places up above... so nothing new from me, except enjoy! :)

  11. Sweet!!!! Welcome to the family!!!

    Did you see today's press release? Check out the iPad. Whoa baby!

    I have a few eReaders on my iPhone, and played a little bit with each, but really don't use them because I still love paper books so much. But eReading is definitely a 'greener' choice... I know this. I have Stanza, B&N eReader, and the Amazon Kindle.

    However, the first App you should download is Skype so we can talk to each other on the phone for FREE!

  12. I don't read books on my iPhone that much but it's handy in boring meetings when I can't get away with whipping out the man-titty covers.

  13. Congrats on your new toy! I love my iPhone! I don't use the apps often but I love that I can access my email anytime. And I like the Amazon Kindle for when they have free ebooks available, lol!

  14. Kerry - I love that you were reading comics on your iPhone! It's so versatile :) And thank you for your help earlier over my iPhone jitters! Stanza is first on my list of downloads!

    Meredith - up until now I've only been using the PDF format. But it's nice to know I can re-download all the eBooks from Fictionwise!

    Renee - thank you! Oh, I didn't know that about the membership. Good tip! Oh, and I look forward to hearing all about your Nook :)

    Hilcia - thank you!

    Christine - many thanks. Yes, I did hear about the iPad. It led to a lot of iPhone jitters (as I mentioned in my reply to Kerry). Feeling happy about my choice now though :) I mainly bought the iPhone for my eBooks. Yes, I mostly read paper, but a lot of the m/m books I read are electronic...and reading on my computer isn't fun.

    Nicola - I can only begin to imagine (but hopefully soon to know :) how handy it will be hiding those covers!

    tabzyreads - thank you! Unfortunately, the Amazon Kindle isn't available here (NZ). I'd need to live in Australia...or Mongolia...or Fiji *grin*

  15. I would have had iPhone jitters, too, especially if I was interested in the phone for reading ebooks and that iPad was comin' out soon. But the iPhone is still the most practical for on-the-go-in-your-pocket needs.

    The iPad sure does looks awesome for reading, surfing, photo stuff, ... doesn't it? It might just be the toy that lures me into ebooking! ;)

    So just a reminder:
    1. Stanza
    2. Skype

    Got it? ;)

    Oh! And the thing about the Amazon kindle app. You don't have to have a kindle to use it... just the iPhone. Then you can download kindle books at Amazon onto your iPhone AS IF it were a kindle. I got it for the same purpose as Tabz... to get the free kindle books. And pay for Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood prequel. Which I still haven't read! Gah! But like you said, there still may be limitations on apps overseas... I don't know.?

    Have fun! :D

    Skype! This weekend?

  16. For some reason I can't comment at work :( Anywho, just wanted to add my squeee's for your new toy. I have the Sony PRS 505 and love it. Fictionwise is a good store. If I can't get it from the Sony store, I go directly to the authors publisher's... Samhain, Dreamspinner, Loose ID, etc.

    Good luck with your toy and I hope you enjoy.

    Christine - the ipad looks mighty nice... maybe if I win the lotto :) The price is super prohibitive for me :(

  17. Congratulations!! Obviously I recommend Stanza, which you're getting already - I also use Instapaper (they have a website), which means that you can bookmark stuff while you're browsing on your desktop, and it will copy over to your device so you can read it later without accessing the internet. The site seems to think this is ideal for newspaper/journal articles etc, but I use it for reading vast swathes of fan fiction on the bus :)

  18. Christine - yes, the release of the iPad completely threw me, but am feeling confident I have made the right decision. Plus, maybe later down the track... And Stanza and Skype - got it :) Although I have to unpack the iPhone first and work out how to use it *grin*

    Mariana - thank you. Out of interest, you can read books purchased from Fictionwise on your Sony eReader?

    Cyphomandra - thank you :) FINALLY! Stanza will be my first download.. I'm noting Instapaper too - thank you!

  19. Yes. My Sony allows .pdf, .epub and the .lrf (or BeBB). I usually buy the pdf versions from Fictionwise (if available) and Book on Boards is another.

  20. I have Stanza, Kindle, and the B&N Reader downloaded. Stanza actually is my fave so far, as long as the formatting is okay (sometimes it gets really wonky, especially with PDFs).

    As for other apps, I'm sure you'll spend hours upon hours searching for those. :) If you have trouble sleeping, white noise is AWESOME. That's actually my favorite app so far. If you like tea, teavana has a great app that has recipes for brewing and blending tea. And there are flashlight apps, level apps, sound grenade that puts out a high-pitched squeal that chases people out of a room....

    Have fun. :)