11 January 2010

What Ya Watching?

Over the Christmas-New Year period my TV watching was rather eclectic to say the least. I finally watched the final episode of Season 3 of the Tudors. Cromwell did come to a rather nasty end, didn't he? *note to self: in the event that you are sentenced to death by decapitation, ensure that the headsman is sober*

I also watched the first 10 episodes of Season 1 of Fringe. I rather liked it, particularly Dr Walter Bishop and his relationship with his son Peter, and now have the rest of Season 1 to watch at some point (thanks to a rather lovely friend). I also watched the first 10 episodes of Season 1 of Stargate Universe. I like the premise and...Robert Carlyle's character - Dr Rush - is rather...intriguing. He is very absorbed in his work...rather like Dr Bishop...that's all I'm going to say about that *grin* I was, however, not amused about where Episode 10 finished...and I have to wait until February to find out what happens next! GRRR!

I then decided I need a fix of The West Wing and so have watched 10 of the final 11 episodes of Season 6 - the final episode is for tonight, along with Stargate Atlantis (which for some idiotic reason only know to itself the TV network moved from 7.30 PM on a Monday to 10.30 PM on a Sunday). Then I get to delve into Season 1 of Criminal Minds, which the lovely Starfire has lent me. I have been warned that it will likely spoil me for other like-minded shows. As long as it doesn't go the '21 Jump Street' route - away from actual cases and into the very lives of the actual characters. (It's the first show I recognized such a plot deviation in, hence the name *grin*) I don't mind bit of life intruding, but not to the detriment of the case/show. And I also hope that the characters aren't super characters that know everything about everything. CSI Miami and CSI NY both suffer from that IMO, and I find it very annoying.

I also heard a rumour on the radio this morning that the White House has confirmed that President Obama's State of the Union address won't clash with the first episode of the final season of Lost...

So, what ya watching?


  1. See now, the thing I LOVE about Criminal Minds is that you're constantly getting little bits and pieces of character exploration and development, interwoven with the case-of-the-week and the overarching seasonal plot arc, but you HAVE to be paying attention because it's subtle and the writers give you credit for being an intelligent viewer who doesn't need to be hit over the head with someone's background to understand what's been implied when it's referred to in passing.

    For what it's worth, I see CM characters at being damn good at what they do (of course, at the level they're working at, it wouldn't be realistic for them not to be) but each having their own strengths and weaknesses, and each complementing the others in their team.

    FWIW, I'm finishing the first season of Leverage, and then moving on to something called "Saving Grace" which comes highly recommended by neongraal.

  2. I just got Season 2 of The Tudors so I'll be watching that this week. :)

    I tried watching the first season of Mad Men but the infidelities, the smoking (did people really smoke that much? It's like everyone smokes on that show!) and I really didn't like any of the characters. So I gave up on that show. I do watch House whenever I can he's so unlikable but I can't seem to stop watching. LOL

  3. i caught up mainly with some movies that i hadn't got round to watching in 2009.

    Iron Man . WIN The Hangover. WIN.

    But I also got caught up with Stargate Universe and really loved it. I find I am drawn not to Robert Carlyle (whichis a first for me..) or the young priest turned soldier but the Col. I like em quiet and moody obvs.

  4. TV? *maniacal laughter*

    I don't watch tv--don't have cable and after the digital box thingie last year, I don't get local programming either.

    I overdose on DVDs though :grin:

    Love Criminal Minds--and agree one hundred percent with starfirenz--but I'm sad like you wouldn't believe that Mandy Patinkin left it.

    Love Bones--David Boreanaz and forensic science? win all the way.

    Haven't watched LOST in years (literally) but yeah, I hear it won't be preempted by the state of the union address.

  5. TV? What's that? LOL

    I don't watch TV either. Which is funny, really, because he have a home theater projector and our screen is HUGE. But we do watch a lot of movies, play video games and sometimes watch sports. We've been playing a lot of Beatles Rock Band lately. Very fun. :)

  6. I should get season one of Friday Night Lights to night, so I’ll start that soon. And I also should get season one of Criminal Minds tomorrow so I can start that one soon too.

    I can’t wait for them to get there so I can get started with all my fun tv watching :o)

  7. We record a lot of shows on the dvr, but finding time to watch them is hard. I'm excited that Big Love started again this week, and Return to Cranford is currently on Masterpiece Classic.

    Aside from that, we mostly watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report, and even that is hard to keep up with! lol

    I used to watch The Tudors, but fell off after the first season. My husband still watches that and Fringe, though.

  8. Azteclady - LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Bones. Such a great show.

  9. starfire - a little and subtle character exploration is all good in my book. It's when it's all about the characters and the case is an afterthought that my blood boils. And an expert in their field is fine...it's when they are an expert on 'everything' that the 'unrealistic' button is pushed :)

    Leslie - Season 2 of The Tudors is good. The actress that plays Anne Bolyen is excellent IMO. And the scheming...brilliant! Enjoy :) I too like House and am hanging out for the new season, which I've heard good things about (it hasn't reached here yet). Mad Men...not my cup of tea so I've never watched it.

    Sayuri - I love Stargate Universe because it's gritty IMO. All the various machinations. And I like seeing how those at home are coping...or not. I like the Colonel too. Oh, I have to ask - what do you think of the ending of Episode 10? I SO wasn't expecting that!

  10. azteclady - normally I never have time to watch TV, but having 2 weeks off I tried very hard to schedule in some down time:) Plus the cat likes snuggling on the couch, and he can't snuggle when I'm on the computer :) ANd I like Bones too, although the end of the last season I kind of switched off. Am hoping for good things for the new season.

    Christine - your home theatre system sounds amazing!

    Happy watching LeeAnn! I look forward to hearing what you think :)

    Renee - I LOVE The Daily Show. I just wish it wasn't on so late here (10.30 PM). I must admit, I did love their election coverage...and all the Bush snippets. It's not quite the same now...

  11. orannia - I love the grittiness of it too although sometimes it feels a little too BSG. As for the ending of Episode 10..I KNOW! It was a total shock (it had up until then, been pretty standard sci-fi plotting). I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'm not going to give any details but ...man, it was good and now we have to wait AGES for the next episode. Arghhh!

  12. I've been pretty good at NOT watching TV lately - though I did cave like a wet kleenix tonight and watched The Bachelor. Next Monday when it's on again I must chant beforehand - "Will not watch The Bachelor! Will not watch The Bachelor" I find the whole thing so offensive - yet *hands thrown in the air* I watched it.

  13. Sayuri - yes, good point. Sometimes it does feel a little BSG...although less people and no walking toasters :) And the ending of Episode 10...first thing I did was try to work out when Episode 11 would be available. February is too long to wait!

    LOL Kristie. When I lived in the UK I would be sucked into watching the new season of Big Brother (reality TV). Each year I would say 'no', and each year my flatmates would drag me into it... IMO there are just some TV shows that are addictive, even if they are carnage!

  14. I haven't watched tv in forever. That would just take time away from my books! lol But when I WAS watching I really liked Criminal Minds. Very good show.

    Enjoy all your episodes! :)

  15. I haven't really watched TV in almost 2 years! I'm even behind watching movies -- and I love movies. But during the Holidays I spent time with my hubby who was on vacation and instead of reading I caught some episodes of:

    Bones -- love Bones!
    CSI -- one of my old favorites.
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    I also watched on DVD The Lord of the Rings trilogy--Director's cut-- I own it and it has become a tradition for me to watch it on New Year's day. :) Loved it! Ohhhhh, Viggo!

  16. Chuck and Dollhouse. That's about it.

  17. Hmm, I love Bones, Dexter, and Supernatural. I'm impatiently waiting for new episodes of Supernatural to come back on! Oh, and I like Fringe too, good choice on that one ;)

  18. Thank you Tracy. Once I have the sedcond half of Season 1 of Fringe watched, I'm on to Criminal Minds!

    Hilcia - I loved Lord of the Rings. I saw them while living in the UK and they made me so homesick it wasn't funny. The new season of Bones starts here in the next week or so!

    heidenkind - I also have the first season of Dollhouse to watch. I've been told I have to watch past episode 5 - seems the first five episodes aren't a true reflection of the show...

    Thank you Katie. I gave up on Supernatural. The TV network here sat on the second season for over a year, and then when they finally screened it and season 3 it was on too late at night and I kept forgetting to tape it. GRRRR! Maybe one day :)